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Aspiration Bank: Redefining Banking with Sustainability and Social Impact


In today’s rapidly changing world, individuals and businesses are seeking financial solutions that align with their values and contribute to a better future. Traditional banks have long been associated with profit-driven practices and questionable ethical standards. However, a new player has emerged in the banking industry, aiming to redefine the way we think about finance. Welcome to the world of Aspiration Bank.

What is Aspiration Bank?

Aspiration Bank is a financial institution that prioritizes sustainability, social impact, and transparency. Founded in 2013 by Andrei Cherny and Joseph Sanberg, Aspiration Bank seeks to empower individuals to make informed financial decisions while simultaneously making a positive difference in the world.

Features and Benefits of Aspiration Bank

1. Aspiration Spend & Save Account

  • The Aspiration Spend & Save Account is the centerpiece of Aspiration Bank’s offerings.
  • It is a cash management account that provides customers with a high-yield interest rate.
  • Aspiration Bank does not charge monthly fees, minimum balance fees, or overdraft fees.
  • Customers can access their funds through a free debit card accepted worldwide.
  • Aspiration Bank offers a unique feature called “Pay What Is Fair.” Customers can choose the fee they pay for the banking services, even if it is zero.

2. Aspiration Impact Measurement (AIM)

  • AIM is an innovative tool developed by Aspiration Bank to help customers track the environmental and social impact of their spending.
  • It assigns a sustainability score to each transaction, allowing users to make conscious choices aligned with their values.
  • AIM also provides insights and recommendations on how customers can reduce their carbon footprint and support causes they care about.

3. Planet Protection

  • Aspiration Bank takes sustainability to the next level by planting a tree for every roundup transaction made by its customers.
  • Roundup transactions automatically round up each purchase to the nearest dollar and allocate the spare change to reforestation projects.
  • This unique initiative allows individuals to contribute to the fight against climate change with every purchase they make.

Why Choose Aspiration Bank?

1. Financial Sustainability

  • Aspiration Bank offers competitive interest rates on its Spend & Save Account, helping customers grow their savings faster.
  • The absence of monthly fees and minimum balance requirements means individuals can manage their money without worrying about hidden charges.

2. Social Impact

  • Aspiration Bank is committed to making a positive difference in society.
  • By choosing Aspiration Bank, customers support a financial institution that aligns with their values and promotes sustainability.
  • Through the Planet Protection initiative and AIM tool, customers actively participate in environmental conservation efforts.

3. Transparency and Trust

  • Aspiration Bank prioritizes transparency by providing customers with a clear view of how their money is being used.
  • The “Do Well. Do Good.” policy ensures that the bank invests in socially and environmentally responsible businesses, making a tangible impact.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Is Aspiration Bank a safe place for my money?

Aspiration Bank is a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), which means deposits are insured up to $250,000 per depositor, per ownership category.

Q2: Can I access my funds easily with Aspiration Bank?

Yes, Aspiration Bank provides customers with a free debit card that can be used worldwide. Customers can access their funds at ATMs and make purchases wherever Visa is accepted.

Q3: Are there any fees associated with Aspiration Bank?

Aspiration Bank does not charge monthly fees, minimum balance fees, or overdraft fees. They also allow customers to choose the fee they pay for banking services, even if it is zero.

Q4: How does Aspiration Bank contribute to social and environmental causes?

Aspiration Bank actively supports reforestation projects through its Planet Protection initiative, planting trees with every roundup transaction. Additionally, the bank invests in socially and environmentally responsible businesses.


Aspiration Bank is revolutionizing the traditional banking industry by combining financial services with sustainability and social impact. By offering a transparent and socially responsible alternative, Aspiration Bank empowers individuals to make a difference with their money. With its innovative features such as the Aspiration Impact Measurement tool and Planet Protection initiative, Aspiration Bank sets a new standard for banking that aligns with the values and aspirations of its customers. Embrace the future of banking with Aspiration Bank and be part of a positive change for a better tomorrow.

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