5 Beginner WordPress SEO Tips to Improve Your Website Rank

5 Beginner WordPress SEO Tips to Improve Your Website Rank

As a beginner in WordPress SEO, you might find it hard to drive organic traffic to your website. Also, scratching from the bottom is hard if you are new to this area. However, knowing the proper practices will make things easier. You need to know that the better your SEO, the higher rank of the website on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Let’s dig deeper into the beginner WordPress SEO tips to help you boost the organic traffic of your business website.

5 Beginner WordPress SEO Tips to Improve Your Website’s Ranking

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#1. What does Google See?

To improve the ranking of your website, it is important to see what Google sees. There are feature-rich plugin apps that can help you with this task. These apps will allow you to have analytic feedback on your website. In this way, you can find out if images on your website are properly tagged, keyword placement fits the best practices, and your posts gain favorable readability ratings. 

Furthermore, seeing what Google sees also provides you with a preview to find out how your website will appear in the search engine result pages. This is also to help you decide whether you need your focus keywords to show up in the meta description, content, or title.

#2. Optimize Website’s Images with Alt Tags

Keep in mind that high-quality images are critical for your business website. This will not only help you boost your customer experiences. When you post high-quality images, Google will also consider them when indexing. However, bear in mind that computers read words only. In this way, you need to make sure that Google can find the images you posted simply by using keyword-rich titles. 

#3. Never Use Duplicate Content

This is another great tip for beginner WordPress SEO. All you need to do is check your business website to make sure that every URL comes with unique content. This is important since you will get penalized if you use similar content more than once. To avoid duplicate content, you can avoid using the same description for your products on your business website.

#4. Strategic WordPress Categories Usage

You can increase the website ranking of your business by strategically using WordPress categories. Just like tags, categories also serve you with similar purposes. They will allow you to organize posts effectively. Not only that but categories can also give your readers clues about the content of the article. In this way, they will find it easy to figure out similar topics or relevant posts to read. However, unlike tags that are optional on a business website, categories are needed in WordPress.

#5. Effective Permalinks are Important

Last but not least. Effective permalinks are another beginner WordPress SEO tip to boost the organic traffic of your site. Based on several studies, it is revealed that numbers in a post title don’t influence the ranking algorithm of your website. Hence, make sure that you keep your slugs short. Five words, even less, are preferable. Also, it will be very helpful if you avoid underscore markings. Instead, use hyphens since Google will see an underscore in permalinks as an extension of the word.

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