5 Methods That You Can Do to Optimize Your Blog Page SEO

5 Methods That You Can Do to Optimize Your Blog Page SEO

If you’re a beginner on blogs and websites, you must have heard about blog Page SEO. So, what is blog Page SEO? It is the practice of optimizing your blog’s content, site structure, and HTML code for the search engine. SEO is an important part of a website as it dictates the number of traffic on a site. The better the SEO, the easier the search engine will find and rank your site on the search page. So, here are the five methods to optimize your blog page SEO.

5 Methods That You Can Do to Optimize Your Blog Page SEO

1. Keyword research

If you want your blog page to stand out among the crowd of competitors, the first thing that you can do is to research some keywords. When researching for a keyword, it is important that you choose the one that your audience will likely search for. This is quite difficult to estimate on your own. Therefore, you can use the help of keyword research tools that are widely available, such as Ahrefs and Google Trends.

2. Optimize your post’s heading

The second step in how to make a blog page SEO is to optimize your post’s heading and subheading. It is important to note that content headers will help Google crawlers to understand your blog post. In addition to that, it will also help the search engine separate your content into different segments. In general, H1 should consist of a brief overview of your article. So, your H2 and H3 should contain the breakdown of the subtopics.

3. Utilize the snippets feature

The snippets feature on Google Search provides a direct answer to users’ search queries. To be featured in Google Search snippets, you have to answer certain answers thoroughly on your blog page SEO. For example, if the search term is “How to clear Android cache partition,” you can adapt it as your H1 or H2 followed by steps in a numbered list. It is also essential to limit the answer to less than 58 words.

4. Write quality blog posts.

One of the biggest misconceptions done by amateur blog developers is to maximize their content for the search engine only, setting aside the reader’s importance. In reality, your blog is nothing without the visitors who are looking for an answer to your post. So, to improve your blog post’s quality, make sure to provide thorough answers, organized subheaders, and visual aids. 

5. Keywords on everything

Incorporating blog page SEO keywords should not only be done to the main content of your blog. Keywords should also be incorporated in the supporting elements of your post, such as meta description and main title. In writing your meta description, it is essential to keep it short, maximizing at only 30 words. On top of that, you can also incorporate two keywords on it to increase your blog page ranking on the SERP.

So, those are the methods that you can try to maximize your blog page SEO. Remember that the main goal of SEO is to attract users to click on your content. So, be sure to write your content for your potential readers rather than the search engine.

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