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13 Ways to Find Creative Blog Post Ideas

There are lots of blog post ideas that you can use. Blogging activities are considered an activity to make money. To make money from your blog, you need to create the best content. As a writer, you can write about anything that you like.

You may write about your hobby, trending topics, or other things. When you write a blog post to make money, you need to ensure that you make an attractive post so you can make people click and read your blog.

As a writer, sometimes you don’t know what to write. You have no ideas and you can’t write anything. When you find yourself in the same situation, you need to get ideas from other places. You need to do research and you need to learn from other bloggers.

Here, you can find some examples of topics for your blog post. You can try to use one or more of the ideas below for your blog. In this article, you will learn how to always find an interesting theme and niche for your next blog.

Starting to Write from the Basic Idea 

Blog Post Ideas

For those of you who are new to blogging, you can begin by brainstorming basic post ideas. You can choose the topics that make sense for your audience. Here are some examples of blog ideas that you may try.

  1. You can write about the reason you started to make a blog. There will be so many people who want to know the background of your life too. The audience wants to know why you chose to start writing a blog, and maybe you can inspire your audience to write a blog post like you too.
  2. You can write about the best time to start a blog like you. Some people who enjoy writing as a hobby may be perplexed about the best time to begin writing a blog and then post it.
  3. When you do blogging activities, it is interesting to write about your goals. It will inspire other people to make money like you too.
  4. You can write a blog about common problems that bloggers and readers face. You should not only write about the problems, but you should reveal the solutions to them too. It makes it easy for you to create helpful and useful blogs for your audience.
  5. For those of you who like to read a book, you can write a book review. Your audience, who have a hobby of reading books, will visit your blog and like what you write. You can write about the book, the summary, the plot, or other things.
  6. If you like to watch movies, it is good to write about them. There will be so many movies, and you can write about all the things that you like and make your audience love your movie reviews.
  7. You can write a product review. You can create useful content for your audience who likes to buy certain products. So, what do you think you’ll be able to write? You can write about the name of the product, the price, the pros and cons of the product, where to buy the product, and how to use the product.
  8. For those of you who like outdoor activities, you may write about some popular outdoor activities. People who like to do outdoor activities will love your blog. You can give information about some recommended places to do outdoor activities, gear to do outdoor activities, and some other things.
  9. If you want to be personal, you can write about yourself and your secrets. Some audiences would love to get to know a blogger closer. You can write about who you are, where you live, your hobbies, and some other things. When you write about yourself, you need to ensure that you write attractively. People will like to read your blog when you write it in the right way.
  10. You can write about controversial topics. When you write about something viral in your area, you will get more visitors in a short period. You can do research first to gain more information about what you write on your blog.

For all of you who still feel confused about finding blog post ideas that will attract your audience, you can learn where to find ideas for your blog that will provide benefits for all of your readers or visitors.

13 Ways to Find Creative Blog Post Ideas

1. Google Search Console

Blog Post Ideas

Where to find trending topics and ideas for your blog? When you search for a trending keyword or topic in Google Search Console, you will find a trending keyword or topic for your blog. You don’t need to worry because it is an easy and free tool for you.

By Using this tool, you can discover all of the keywords that receive the most clicks from visitors. You can look for some ideas and the number of clicks from visitors. Do you need to search for trending keywords in GSC? At the same time, using keywords to write your blog posts helps you increase your Google traffic to your blog.

2. Examine Your Competitor

Blog Post Ideas

Where to get an idea for your new blog post? You can get ideas for your blog by researching your competitors. How to do it? You just need to take the competitor’s URL and then search by using a certain website. You will see some articles that get more clicks or articles with more likes. You should not copy your competitor’s blog post. You must create new content on the same topics as your competitor. You need to create your unique blog post. It will be easy to increase your blog’s traffic when you always produce creative and unique blog posts.

3. Ask your audience

Blog Post Ideas

How do you get the best blog post ideas for your next blog? You can ask your followers, readers, and subscribers. They will help you get some ideas about what you have to write. You can make a poll on social media or you can send an email with a questionnaire to your followers or subscribers. It will be easy to find what topics your audience likes most. You can ask your audience to leave comments at the end of your blog post. It helps you develop your blog posts. You can be more creative when you always take care of your audience and followers. When you write about what your audience wants, you can make them stay to read your blog post.

4. Use the Blog Idea Generator

There are some tools that you can use to find the right idea for your blog post. You can use an idea generator to help you. What are some benefits that you can get when you use this tool? When you use this tool, you will be able to find more ideas about one trending topic. You can get more ideas with just one title. This tool helps you to be more creative in writing blog posts.

5. Get Ideas from Review Services and Products

Blog Post Ideas

For all of you who sell products and services, you can use an honest review as a place to get new ideas for your next blog. An honest review is needed because it guides your visitors or readers to decide whether they need to buy your product or service or not. An honest review is a great way to increase revenue for your blog.

You will be able to get an endorsement too when you get more positive, honest reviews from your audience and subscribers. You should not delete negative feedback from your visitors. What you need to do is give a good response, and the other audience will see that you are a good blogger. They will never leave your blog because they trust you.

6. Do Niche Research in Forums

These are some discussion platforms that you can use to find new ideas for your blog. What you need to do is join the group discussion. You will learn more about various topics and interests. You can search the sites related to your niche and then continue to read. You can find a new idea for your blog post. You can discuss it with the other people in the group too.

What are some platforms that you can use to get ideas for your blog? You can choose to use the Reddit platform, or you can also use Quora. You need to follow specific topics and then see what people discuss every day. How about searching in the Google forums? There are some inspiring ideas for your blog that you can get when you search on Google or other forums.

7. Use Google Trends

One of the simplest tools to find the best ideas for your blog is checking Google Trends. There will be a list of daily topics throughout the day that you can see. You can address and search for subjects that are related to what you have written before and related to your audience. You need to send the link and ask about their opinions.

8. Use Facebook groups

How to get ideas for your blog? You can use your social media to find post ideas. What you need to do is just join Facebook groups where you find more of your audience or readers. There will be so many options that you can choose from to find an idea for your blog. You can interact with all the readers and audience in the group. When there is a member that asks a question related to your niche, you can answer it on your new blog. It makes your audience read your new blog post. They will not read what you write because they want to get the answers to their questions.

9. Current Events Update

It is good for you to write about current events. People will love to know what is happening around them. When you write about current events, they will automatically read what you write and then visit your blog. How to update the current events? You can follow news sites and then watch the news too. When you think that you have found an idea relevant to your blog post, you can write an article about it. Please make sure that you write about accurate events and that you give detailed information. You need to write about something real and not a fake post or news article.

10. Write a Series Post

How about making a series of blog posts? It will be interesting for your readers and visitors. You will make people want to wait for the next series. How do you create a series for your blog? You can decide on the niche first, and then you can choose the details. You need to develop the details. There are some examples of series, such as book reviews, some ways to make money with a blog, and some other things. You can create a landing page with a list of individual articles. It helps your reader to find and read what they need.

11. Ask a Professional in Your Niche

The next way to find the best idea for your blog post is by interviewing professionals. You can ask the experts to share tips that can help to develop the blog’s authority and reputation. What you need to prepare is a questionnaire for the professional. You can publish each response in a separate blog post. It will be interesting to make an interview series. You can use the interview to develop your blog so readers will love to read it anytime.

12. Pay Attention to Your Reader’s Comment

The reader’s comment is very essential for the blogger. You need to check the comment column on your blog. You can use the ideas to create content that will solve problems. When you read your reader’s comments, you will understand more about what they need in your next blog.

13. The Power of Reading

How to get more ideas for your next post? As a blogger, you need to love reading. You can read for at least 10 minutes per day. You can read everything, such as newspapers, books, articles from other bloggers, read comments from the audience, and some other things. When you do more reading, you will get more ideas too.

The last thing that you can do to get blog post ideas is by following top influencers on their social media.

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