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Blog Post Optimization Tips Likes Professional SEO Model

With topic Blog Post Optimization Tips Likes Professional SEO Model, We will give some tips for you. As we know that writing is one way to convey information, experience, or vent. In this modern era, writing is no longer done on a paper, but writing through a personal blog. Posting your writing in a blog or article is the right step to share the information with others.

Has your writing ever been on google search engine?

When you have an account called Instagram or Facebook, then you type your name in the Google search engine then your Instagram and Facebook accounts can appear in the Google search results. Why is that so? Because Google optimizes search engines by reading website traffic, seeing the relationship with an article or social media.

Not only that, when you suppose you want to search about “Blog Post Optimization”, but when you open the browser you just type “Blog Post” and space, it will appear some word recommendations, such as blog post example, blog post meaning, and others.  The keyword recommendation appears because many people are looking for information about it.

So, what is the relationship between blog post optimization and SEO?

Blog posts usually contain information about your article or post about something. SEO is a technology to optimize a website so that it can appear in the top Google search results. So if your blog post is in the form of SEO friendly articles, then most likely your website will come out as the first thing on search results.

So, in its application it will be very good if your post contains keywords that are often as search recommendations in search engines, or we call it SEO keywords. The keyword must appear in the article you create, for the composition can be 1% of the total word you write will contain the keyword.

How to optimize blog post like SEO?

Optimize a website, not just by using SEO keywords. Another thing you should do is your posts, or your articles should be made as interesting and structured as possible. Interestingly in this case the information contained in the article is complete and according to the needs of the reader. In addition, an individual approach through language style is also very important to increase the comfort of your article readers.

In addition, make the title as attractive as possible. Alias give influence to readers to click on your website link. Do not create articles with sentences that are too long in one paragraph. Just two to four sentences, this is so that the reader feels comfortable reading your writing and does not feel full.

The next blog post optimization tips is if you want to provide information in the article and convey related links, use the insert link model. This makes it very easy for readers to access the link with just one click. Also complete with photos or videos so that readers can more easily understand your writing well. 

Adding the meta description on your blog post will give a big impact to your article. The other way is improving your article with adding relevant SEO keywords with your article as a tag. So, it would increase the traffic of the website and your post should be in the first page of search engine results.

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