Which One the Best Blog Posting Sites for SEO?

Which One the Best Blog Posting Sites for SEO?

Which One the Best Blog Posting Sites for SEO?

In modern times, of course, the internet is familiar to us.  Almost every aspect of our daily life through the internet such as social media scrolling, WhatsApp, YouTube, and reading articles or blogs. All kinds of science you can search through the internet, such as by searching through Google.

What do you find when you’re browsing or browsing?

Have you ever tried when typing a word or two, then Google usually displays keyword recommendations that are suitable for you. Usually keywords that appear as recommendations from the Google search engine are the most frequently searched or the most visited things. Simply put, this is referred to as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The Impact of SEO

So with SEO technology, an article or article can rank as the top order or on the first page of Google’s search engine results. The working principle of this technology is to optimize the website and correlate it with user traffic data.  Search engines will read keywords from users and then optimize the word into a piece of writing that can be said to be the most relevant.

Obviously, the impact of SEO is not only to find the most related post by the keyword. The SEO model can certainly provide benefits for you writers or bloggers to optimize your writing in order to enter as a top ranking in google search results. Therefore , it is now very crowded with SEO friendly articles, the goal is that the writing he makes can get a lot of viewers and income.

How to optimize SEO friendly articles in a website?

Of course, the SEO article can function  properly if it is published on a blog or website.  Blog post site for SEO is needed as a container for an article can be loaded on a website and connected to the google search engine. Of course, your writing has the possibility of getting more viewers when posted to a well-known or large enough website.

Besides that, posting articles on an important website can certainly cost money. So the alternative blog post site for SEO is to create a free blog such as through WordPress or BlogSpot. Not only that, you can even post your writing on a website that provides post an article service for free. So, what is the website that provides these facilities?

Websites to post SEO articles for free

First you can publish your article on Alltop.com. Your SEO article can be uploaded on the website. Some of  the writing categories that you can enter include technology, education, marketing, fitness, and so on. The second is through blogarama.com which has themes about education, design, food, finance, life, internet, and many others.

Free website for free posting SEO articles is On Top List that is suitable for you to compose technology articles, technical information, business, and many more. If you are like to post about traveling, health, education, sport, or fitness, you should post on blogflux.com. So many article categories that you can post on the website clearly. So, which one do you like?

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