Blog Posts and Seo Niche Recommendation For Beginner

Blog Posts and Seo Niche Recommendation For Beginner

When it comes to blog posts and SEO, there are so many things to talk about. When creating a blog post, you can actually fill it with any content you wish. But it will be better if you focus on one particular topic or also known as blog niche.

Blog niche is a specific theme or topic for blogs. There are many benefits that you can get by applying to a blog niche. For example, you will be considered as an expert and ads can easily monetize your website. Below are some recommended blog niches.

Blog Posts and Seo Niche Recommendation For Beginner

1. Parenting

Topics about parenting are getting more and more popular each year. For the past 5 years, the number of searches with parenting keywords has increased. This is probably because more and more parents are digitally literate. So, they look for various information about parenting on the internet. If you just start a blog and are confused about what topic to discuss, you can choose parenting as your blog niche.

Actually, you can specialize this topic further into a sub-niche. For example, a special blog about family harmony, information on maternal and child health, or how to educate children. If you want to share information about parenting, you must ensure to experts that the information is valid, safe, and has been tested. Do not let your readers get wrong information. If you apply this niche in your blog, you have the chance to work together with parenting-related companies.

For instance, day care, healthy food for moms and kids, children’s books, baby products, and many more. You can also join parenting communities to improve your blog.

2. Beauty

Do you know that searches about beauty topics on Google have increased by 30%? This increase happens due to the development of beauty trends and the presence of beauty influencers. Beauty enthusiasts use search engines like Google to find information related to beauty, such as skincare products, skincare reviews, and others. You can take this opportunity to create a blog with a beauty niche. Besides skincare reviews, you can also write about makeup tutorials.

Another example is comparing certain skincare products from different brands. You can also share relevant tips about beauty, such as how to take care of dry skin, how to remove dark circles with natural ingredients, and so on. By having a blog with the beauty niche, there will be beauty products and services that want to work together with you. Skincare and makeup products would want to place ads in your blog. Once you are popular as a beauty blogger, you can try to make your own beauty brand.

3. Health

Due to the global pandemic, people are more aware of their health. So, you can create a blog with a health niche where you can share information and tips about health. Note that this topic is sensitive since it is related to people’s health. Make sure your writing has been consulted with health experts. You can write about how to start a healthier lifestyle, diets, hoax about the coronavirus, and so on. – blog posts and SEO.

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