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4 Blogger SEO Tricks to Quickly Increase Profits

Blogger SEO tricks can be used to increase your website’s popularity and get more profit. Sometimes, as a new blogger, you don’t know what to do to improve your website’s performance. When it comes to SEO, the first thing to remember is that we influence both on-site and off-site SEO.

You are responsible for on-page SEO, which includes article quality, keyword optimization, and meta value for that article. There’s no need to be confused by the above SEO because the guide below will teach you how to understand them and make your Blogger blog more search engine friendly.

4 Blogger SEO Tricks to Quickly Increase Profits

Blogger SEO Tricks

1. Think about keyword density in your post.

For a better rating, you need to consider one of the Blogger SEO tricks. You need to consider keyword density. Too few keywords will result in lower rankings, while overloading your keywords will result in over-optimization. I usually keep an LSI keyword ratio of 2% per post.

You can, however, choose keyword density for your blog post SEO based on what works best for you. Publish articles that are relevant to the headline of the post and include the appropriate keywords.

Never stuff keywords into a search engine to trick it. However, once you’ve finished writing, you may go over the entire content to see where the keywords can be securely placed without distracting readers. You can also utilize Frase to assist you with optimizing your material.

2. Related Posts and Labels

In BlogSpot, labels increase the keyword density of the post. Instead of lumping everything into a single-narrow category, labels should be expanded. I’ll use an example to demonstrate my idea.

Consider the following scenario: you’re posting about Google Chrome and labeling it as Windows software or a browser. You’ll overlook terms like “Chrome browser,” “Google Chrome,” and others that might otherwise contribute to the overall keyword density of the post.

Blogger’s related posts widgets are similarly affected by labels.

And, if there are a lot of posts with similar labels, the order of the articles in related posts will be affected.

3. Add a Related Image

We’ve already published a comprehensive essay on picture optimization for SEO, and the foundation of image optimization on BlogSpot is adding alt tags and title tags to each image. This is readily accomplished with WordPress using plugins, but it must be done manually on BlogSpot. After you’ve uploaded each image, manually insert it.

4. Add Meta Tags

Meta tags are automatically created HTML tags that search engines employ to identify a link’s title, description, and other characteristics. They don’t have an impact on search results as they did previously, but they do have a little impact on focused keywords. There are some tools to help you make meta tags for finding trending keywords of the day. You can search for the free tool if you are a beginner. It helps save more money, and you can still create the best meta tags and keywords.

There are some video tutorials on how to optimize your blog. You can get a profit from it. You should learn other elements to increase your traffic on Google with some other blogger SEO tricks.

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