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Examples of Technical SEO That You Can Try on Your Website

When creating a website, most people will dedicate their effort to creating the most exciting content they can provide. This makes technical SEO one of the most overlooked aspects of website optimization. In this article, we have covered some of the examples of technical SEO that you can adapt to your site.

What is technical SEO?

When speaking about SEO, our thoughts will immediately go towards keywords and their placement on a web page. However, SEO is much more than keyword placements. It also encompasses the technical aspect of a website. This brings us to the term technical SEO. According to Yoast, technical SEO is a process to optimize every technical aspect of a site.

So, why is technical SEO important? When optimizing your web’s technical SEO, your website will work faster. As a result, it will be easily crawled and indexed by search engine bots. When a site has a good technical SEO, it will be ranked higher on the search result.

Examples of Technical SEO

In terms of examples, there are several aspects that you can adapt to your site. All of them will be explained further on the list below.

1. Structured data

Examples of Technical SEO

One of the most prominent examples of technical SEO is building structured data on your website. When structuring your web data, you will essentially provide a description of your website with the language that the search engine can recognize. To do this, you can use JSON-LD markup schema format or a simple XML sitemap.

2. SSL security

Examples of Technical SEO

SSL, or Secure Socket Layer, is a website security technology that encrypts the link between a web server and a browser. Using an SSL certificate, you can provide privacy and security of your website and the users’ personal information. A website with SSL security will have ‘HTTPS://’ at the beginning of the URL instead of ‘HTTP://.’

3. Mobile Friendly

Examples of Technical SEO

One of the advanced technical SEO methods is providing a responsive website. Moreover, a responsive website can automatically adjust its design to any device, including mobile. A 2016 Google Search Central article clearly indicates that Google will rank a site higher if it has a mobile-friendly feature. Such an example can be seen on most of the websites that you can find today.

4. Fast loading time

Examples of Technical SEO

It has been widely known that users and search engines prefer a fast-loading website. Luckily there are several ways that you can speed up your site’s loading. For instance, you can start using a fast web hosting service. Other than that, you can also compress your web pages. In addition, there are other methods that you can research on your own.

5. Minimize duplicate contents

Examples of Technical SEO

The last example of technical SEO is minimizing duplicate content on your site. Besides confusing for the users, search engines are not keen on crawling a site with duplicate content. To minimize this kind of content on your site, you can prevent your CMS from publishing multiple versions of a post.  On top of that, you can also use a canonical link element. So, do all of those methods and you will successfully increase your site’s technical SEO.

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