10 Amazing Family Travel Blogger and Tips to Become the Best Travel Blogger

10 Amazing Family Travel Blogger and Tips to Become the Best Travel Blogger

Do you want to be a blogger? The best option is to try to create a family travel blogger. Videos of family outings are all the rage these days. We will discuss tips to become a reliable blogger so that your videos are interesting.

What is Family Travel Blogger?

If you have a traveling hobby, it never hurts to make a vlog. For example, you can take your family for a walk and make vacation videos with the family. This activity will be very fun because you can spend time together.

Family travel blogger is a video show that contains family activities, such as sightseeing, vacations, and activities at home. This activity is mostly done while spending time with family.

In fact, you can do this activity to increase family income. The videos you make can be uploaded on YouTube or on your social media. So you can earn money from watching the video.

Benefits of Being a Family Travel Blogger

Benefits of Being a Family Travel Blogger

Family vacations can be one way to become an Indonesian travel blogger. You can enjoy time with your family while making vlogs. Some of the benefits that you can get by becoming a blogger are as follows:

1. More Family Time

One of the benefits that you can get by becoming a family travel blogger is increasing time with family. You can get time to vacation together while making family vlogs.

This will increase warmth and become a harmonious family. Vacations can be an option to create an exciting vlog. However, you can also create a vlog showing your activities at home.

The theme you choose can be tailored to your activities. Make sure you make natural videos. Viewers will prefer videos that are natural and don’t seem artificial. So you can spend more time with your family.

2. Earn Extra Money

Becoming a family travel blogger can be one way to increase your income. You can earn from the views of the videos you make. This will certainly provide benefits for you and your family.

Family needs can be helped with additional income. So you need to make interesting videos. Provide the best video quality so that viewers can enjoy your videos comfortably.

3. Family Vacation

As the name implies, it is a family travel blogger. So, you will be on vacation more often with your family. This will certainly be fun because you can often travel with your family.

You can divide work and vacation time well. So you can create interesting video content. Even your videos can help inspire other happy families to enjoy family time.

Recommended Interesting Family Travel Blogger Themes

Recommended Interesting Family Travel Blogger Themes

When you want to make a family vlog, you need to determine an interesting theme. Your chosen theme can be tailored to your and your family’s favorite activities.

There are several inspirational family blogger themes that you can choose from, as follows:

1. Staycation with Family

One of the themes you can use for the family travel blogger vlog theme is a staycation. You can do these activities on the weekends. Choose a location close to your home.

A family staycation can be an interesting theme. You can invite your family to do fun activities. For example, visiting hotels or interesting tourist sites near your home.

In addition, a staycation is a fun vacation option at a relatively low cost. You can enjoy time with your family and create interesting and inspiring vlog content.

2. Camping with Family

If you and your family like natural tourist destinations, you can create vlog content related to nature. You can try to find free time to go camping with your family.

This is certainly a very interesting theme for video content. You can choose a camping location near your house. The warmth of the family will be created naturally while enjoying the beauty of nature.

You can spend the night in a tent with your family. Enjoy the precious time while creating video content. Of course, this will be useful to inspire other families to spend time with family.

3. Culinary Tour with Family

Food is one of the attractions that you can make a family travel blogger theme. You can visit various regions to introduce regional specialties. This will be very interesting because you are accompanied by family.

You can also do culinary tours in your area. Choose a place to eat that you can visit to make a vlog. This activity will be fun because you can enjoy eating with your family while creating Content.

The choice to create a culinary tour vlog will greatly benefit you. This is because many people are interested in knowing food recommendations. In addition, you can recommend a comfortable family dining place.

4. Nature Tour with Family

You can also plan a vacation with your family to the best natural attractions. Visits to natural attractions will be an interesting theme. This will inspire other families to enjoy nature.

You can choose a tourist location that has interesting natural destinations. For example, you and your family visit waterfalls, mountains, lakes, etc. Of course, this activity will be fun because you can enjoy nature with your family.

Also, make sure you choose a safe location with your family. This is important so that you and your family can enjoy your vacation comfortably and safely. If you bring children, ensure the tourist destination is safe for their play area.

5. History Tour with Family

Historical tourism can be an interesting choice of theme. You can invite your family to visit various historical places, for example, museums, temples, and other historical locations.

This family vlog content will be more interesting because you can provide historical information. This is important to know so that people do not forget history. You can also learn new and interesting things by studying history.

Traveling with the family will be more fun while increasing knowledge. So that the Content you create can be useful for others. So immediately plan your vacation to the nearest historical tour, and don’t forget to create Content.

6. Cheap Travel With Family

The theme of activities you can take is not only about tourist destinations. However, you can take a cheap holiday theme. For example, you are on vacation by choosing a cheap family vacation package.

This can attract the audience because they want to know about cheap tourist attractions. You can start by choosing a location near your house that has an affordable price. This Content will help remind viewers of your family videos.

How to Make a Vlog with the Family

How to Make a Vlog with the Family

If you are interested in making a family vlog, you should know how to make a family vlog. This is important to know to provide good views for your video viewers.

There are several steps you need to take to become a family travel blogger, as follows:

1. Determine the Vlog Content Theme

The first thing you and your family need to do is choose the appropriate theme. You can choose an interesting theme according to your family’s hobbies. For example, you can choose a family vacation theme.

The theme you choose can be customized according to your family’s wishes. Ensure the chosen theme doesn’t force your family to be someone else. Try to make this activity a fun activity with the family.

2. Create a Family Blog

If you have determined a theme, you can create a special blog for your family. Create a special blog that you will use as a medium to broadcast your family’s vlog.

In fact, you can also stream the video on YouTube if you want. So, you can get the opportunity to become a reliable YouTuber. You can be a blogger as well as a YouTuber.

3. Plan Your Vacation Location With Your Family

If you choose a family vacation theme, you can start planning your trip. First, please specify the location you want to visit with your family. Also, determine the budget needed to fit the family budget.

You can also choose the best hotel to stay in that location. Finally, pay attention to the transportation you will use. Make sure you plan your destination well to suit your and your family’s wishes.

4. Plan the Activities to be Done

As a family travel blogger, you must plan activities you will do with your family. Arrange these activities neatly. This is important so that your activities are well scheduled when on vacation.

Also, putting together a schedule of activities will help you adjust the timing of the vlog. So that every activity you do can be videoed according to the planned time. This will make it very easy when shooting video.

5. Video your activities with your family

Make sure you don’t forget to make videos of your activities during the holidays. This is very important for your family content. Learn how to take good videos so that your video quality is good.

You can hire a videographer to shoot your videos if you have more budget. Don’t forget to take photos with your family for your content purposes.

6. Edit Content To Be Interesting

Next, you need to edit the Content. Feel free to add interesting music and effects to your videos. You can learn to edit the video, so you don’t have to pay extra for the editor.

If you want to use the services of a content editor, that’s fine too. Just make sure the editing results are to your liking. Interesting and exciting Content will make you a family travel blogger.

7. Upload Content

If the Content has been edited well, you can upload the video immediately. Please fill in the Content of your Blog by displaying the video you made. When uploaded, don’t forget to pay attention to the audience’s response.

As a new family travel blogger, you must pay close attention to the audience’s response. This can help you to evaluate the quality of the video you make. First, however, don’t ignore the response of your video viewers.

Things to Pay Attention to As a Blogger

As a beginner blogger, you need to pay attention to various things to create interesting Content. Some things you need to pay attention to become a family travel blogger are as follows:

1. Content Quality

You need to pay close attention to the quality of the Content. Content with good quality will make it easier for viewers to enjoy your video content. Make sure your cool holiday content is accessible to viewers.

In addition to videos, you can also create articles to tell about your vacation on your Blog. Make sure you write easy to read. Tell us about your vacation with your family in a simple and easy-to-understand language.

Make sure you create content that is of the highest quality. Don’t create content that just goes viral. Instead, make sure you can create fun Content with your family. So that it can entertain the audience with the best quality content.

2. Content Benefits

As a family travel blogger, you must present useful Content. The Content should be useful to harmonize your family. So you can spend time with your family and enjoy the holidays.

Also, make sure you create useful content for others. This is important to note so that viewers can get good things from your Content. Don’t just create content to go viral; make sure it’s also useful.

If your Content has benefits for the audience. Then you’ll have no problem keeping an audience. So your blog content will be eagerly awaited because it can entertain and benefit.

3. Adjust to Family Time

Creating Content requires a fair amount of focus. It is very important to have a regular schedule. Don’t let the creation of family content interfere with the work activities of other family members.

Make sure you determine the right time to create content agreed upon with the family. For example, choose the best vacation time to create Content and vacation with your family.

Choosing the right time will give you flexibility when creating Content. You can focus on creating content without being distracted by other scheduled activities. So, choosing the right time can be one of the important things to pay attention to.

4. Content-Location Security

Before creating content, make sure you ask the venue’s owner for permission to create Content. This is important to do so that you do not violate the privacy of the location.

To be a reliable family travel blogger, you must prioritize licensing and location security. First, make sure the location is safe to visit with family. Moreover, if you want to create Content there, ensure it is safe and comfortable.

Security is paramount when you create video content. So you can focus on completing your Content with your family comfortably and safely. Feel free to do your research before choosing a location.

5. Ability to Manage Blog

The very important thing that you need to pay attention to is the ability to manage a blog. You need to learn to manage a blog or website well. Feel free to learn so you can manage your own Blog.

You can become a hand-picked family travel blogger by understanding how bloggers work well. Please look for inspiration to create an interesting family vlog. Don’t forget to keep the spirit to make the best quality and good vlogs.

10 Family travel bloggers That Can Inspire You

After knowing the important things, you need to know when creating family vlog content. Now, we will discuss 10 Indonesian bloggers who can be used as inspiration. You can learn from them how to create family vacation content.

10 Indonesian family bloggers to follow that you can use as inspiration, as follows:

1. The Four Twins

One of the family blogs that you can look up is Four Twins. This Blog is managed by a mother who has a traveling hobby named, Allira, who already has 2 toddlers.

His vlog shows about his vacation with his family in the wild. Allira also invites her partner to the creation of her blog content. You can learn how to make interesting vlogs about interesting Indonesian tourist destinations to visit.

Allira actively shares her adventures in exploring various places in Indonesia. In fact, he managed to pass his hobby on to his two toddlers. You can get the best inspiration for planning your family blog content here.

2. Kenai Walk

If you want to create travel-themed family content, you can visit Jalan-Jalan Kenai. This Blog is owned by Myra Anastasia, who shares her family’s travel experiences.

You can get tips for a fun family trip. You can also get useful information for traveling with your family. Well, you can immediately visit this Blog to get content inspiration.

3. Backpackology

Backpackology is one of the well-known family bloggers. This Blog is owned by Puput and Olen. This couple has the same hobby, traveling, so they are actively sharing their traveling activities.

Uniquely, this couple always carries a backpack when traveling. This is following their blog’s name, backpacking, which is called the backpack logo. The posts on this blog are very interesting.

You can learn how to write an interesting article about family vacations. You can also get inspiration for the best tourist destinations you can visit with your family.

4. Family Travelog

Family travelog is a family blogger that you can use as inspiration. This Blog is owned by Matatita and Edo. Matata has had a hobby of traveling since he was a teenager, while Edo has a photography hobby.

The combination of the two presents a good and interesting blog quality. Bindi’s presence also adds to the excitement of their Blog. They actively share family travel experiences that you can learn from.

You can get inspiration about the best tourist destinations to visit. Then, of course, your Blog will get inspired to become more exciting and fun.

5. Ardi’s Family Notes

Note that Ardi’s Family is a blogger you can use as inspiration. This family lives in Kuwait and regularly shares their travel activities. Mbokde Sushi and their husband have a hobby of traveling the world and writing about their journey on a blog.

Their journey and life in Kuwait can be used as inspiration in writing your family blog. In addition, their travel stories are very inspiring and can motivate you to manage your family blog.

Make sure you take the time to visit Ardi’s Family Notes blog. So you can get tips for creating interesting vlogs and writings for your family blog content.

6. Momtraveler

Muna Sungkar and their family are the owners of the Momtraveler blog. This woman, who has a profession as a lecturer, is eager to share her traveling journey with her family. You will be presented with interesting articles about traveling.

Traveling stories published on Momtraveler provide important information about vacations. Especially regarding reviews of current tourist attractions and the hotels they visit. Surely you can get a lot of knowledge to create an interesting blog.

You can learn about how to write flowing writing about traveling. Don’t forget to stop by this Blog to learn how to create an interesting blog. Make sure you create interesting vlogs or write Content by studying here.

7. Tesyaskinderen

Tesya and her husband diligently share their journey through the Tesyaskinderen blog. This Blog will provide inspiration for those of you who want to vacation with children. In addition, you will get tips on traveling around Indonesia and the world by viewing this Blog.

This Blog contains interesting articles about family vacation trips. You can learn to write articles or create interesting Content by visiting this Blog. So, don’t miss the opportunity to learn from Tesyaskinderen.

8. Mama’s Suitcase

If you’re planning to go on vacation abroad with your family, you should visit Koper Mama’s Blog. This Blog is owned by Dewi, who has unique ideas during the holidays.

Dewi has a principle that she only prepares one suitcase for every family vacation. So they will not be bothered with the business of carrying a suitcase. Well, you can imitate this so that your vacation is not complicated with items.

You can also get inspiration for a vacation with your family abroad. You need to know this to prepare for a vacation with your family. So, don’t forget to stop by the Koper Mama blog.

9. Family Pleasure

You can get family blog inspiration from Plesiran Keluarga. You can get information about interesting family adventure stories. This family makes many visits to various exciting tourist spots.

You will get interesting tips if you want to travel backpacker-style family. Don’t let you miss this opportunity to gain travel knowledge. Come on, immediately visit the Family Plesiran blog.

10. Little Steps

Another family blog that you can use as inspiration is Little Steps. This Blog is also known as Rumika’s Journey. This family consists of Yaya Indro, Bubu Dita, Mika, and Birru.

This Blog focuses on niche traveling themes so you can get interesting stories from their travels. In addition, you can learn about the unique and fun concept of traveling with your family.

Ready to Become a Blogger?

After knowing inspiring Indonesian travel families, then you can prepare yourself too. Please try to create holiday content with your family, either in video or in writing.

Video content or writing can be an attraction for viewers and readers. Just make sure you create interesting and useful content. Then, feel free to start your journey with your family to become a blogger.

Prepare yourself as best you can to provide useful and interesting content. First, make sure you are ready to create and inspire with your family. Then, immediately plan the right time for vacation and be Content with family.

Thus, the discussion about family travel bloggers that you need to know. Make sure you and your family provide inspiring Content. Don’t hesitate to share a fun vacation adventure with your family.

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