7 Best Free Blogging Sites Update 2022 (Start Blog for Free)

7 Best Free Blogging Sites Update 2022 (Start Blog for Free)

A blog is a place where you can share information, things you like, a platform for talking about your hobbies, and even an online store. However, many people still hesitate to start a blog because they are afraid of the cost. Worry not! Nowadays, you can find many free blogging sites. As its name implies, you can create a blog for free there. The feature might be limited and fewer than the paid service. But, that’s enough for creating your first blog.

In this article, you will learn more about this free blogging service. We believe you will have a problem choosing one when you create your first blog. Therefore, below, we have tips for you to choose the best blogging sites or services you can use for free.

How to Choose the Best Free Blogging Service

There are several factors that you can consider before you choose any free blogging services.

1. Easy to Set Up

The very first element that free blogging sites should have is a user-friendly setting. It is necessary to help the user with a faster setup for their blog, especially those who start their blog for the first time. That means you are also included. You don’t have to deal with coding and such. Everything was clicked by drag and drop, so you can see how your blog is running sooner.

2. It Must Have Plenty of Free Template to Use

One of the best things about a blog is visuals. Compared to the website, the blog is much easier to adjust. You can use the design that you like. Moreover, if you know coding and programming, you can even modify the appearance even further.

However, we are talking about the first-time blogger here. You need free blogging sites that provide many blog templates you can use for free. You only need to pick the template, apply it to your blog, and voila, it will have a beautiful appearance, layout, and design. Some free templates even give your blog a professionally-designed vibe appearance. So, no need to hesitate to use them.

3. Good Customer Service

You might think that the free blogging sites don’t require customer service. It is the opposite. Good free blogging sites or services will always provide the best customer service for their users. It shows that they care for their customers. Moreover, many of those free services also provide the paid blogging service version. And, the customer service will be a bridge that connects the user of free service to the paid service, when they want to upgrade.

4. Easy to Upgrade

Speaking about the upgrade, you also should consider the service where you can upgrade to the paid version. Moreover, the free blogging sites must provide an easy-to-do upgrade process, even for a beginner. Why is it important? The upgrading service helps you to improve your blog quality, in case you want to expand it to a bigger scale than before.

For example, you run a blog about cycling. Then, in the future, you start selling cycling accessories on that blog. If you still use the free version, there is a chance that your blog will be unable to work at the highest performance. Your visitor will feel annoyed and then leave your blog. By upgrading to the better version, you can eliminate that problem. And, it will help you to make your business grow more.

5. Safety Features

Last but not least, try to look at the safety features offered by those free blogging sites. Make sure you get the best one because it will be the core of your blog activity. The basic safety feature is when you can use the HTTPS version of your blog. With that feature, it will protect your visitor data, especially when they have to use email to leave a comment on your blog.

Additionally, the free blogging sites that allow you to add additional safety features are also the service you should consider. For example, you can add an extra widget to your blog, which gives your blog better protection against various attacks, including plagiarism. Fortunately, many free blogging services have this kind of feature. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about this feature whenever you choose the service. Find one that matches your preference and needs.

The Best Free Blogging Sites Update 2022

Here, we have already collected several free blogging sites you can try. This list will help you save more time to choose the service. Compare these service providers and choose the best for you. So, here are the best blogging sites you can use for free.

1. Wix

Free Blogging Sites

This service is the best choice for you who don’t understand web programming and coding but want a blog that functions as a regular website. One of the best things about Wix is the freedom you get. You can modify every element of your blog, so the personalized value of the Wix blog is one of the best among many free blogging sites. 

It uses a drag-and-drop system. The interface is very intuitive. It also uses a modern design, which helps beginner users to use it without any problems. Moreover, it has a complete set of features. That makes it the best tool for creating a blog or website for a professional web designer. 

Best of all, when you use Wix, you also get a free hosting service. Therefore, the website or blog you made on this platform will work efficiently and can provide a satisfying performance for the visitor. It also has a collection of free themes and templates. They are beautiful and functional. And, it also offers a paid version, where you can get better features and more premium class themes and templates to use.

2. WordPress

Free Blogging Sites

WordPress is the best choice for you who want to have 100% control over your blog. In short, you can do anything that you want on this platform. It is a good choice for a free blog for sharing your ideas. Or, if you wanted to use it for more professional blogging and making money, WordPress is one of many free blogging sites with features and facilities for that.

One of the best things about WordPress is the user hosting. You don’t use other parties to host your blog. It is all on your PC. However, we recommend you consider using paid hosting to get much better performance, especially for you who want to use free blogging sites to make money. 

Many hosting providers offer a hosting plan that includes the WordPress platform. Therefore, you won’t have any problem designing and integrating your free WordPress blog with one of those hosting services. And then, you will get the best performance and result from your blog. 

3. Weebly

Free Blogging Sites

Weebly is similar to Wix. Therefore, if you feel that Wix is not your preference, you can always use Weebly. However, one of the best features you can get from Weebly is how you can use it for selling products much easier than other free blogging sites.

It uses a similar drag-and-drop system. And, it works for all blog elements, from buttons, slideshows, photo galleries, and others. You also can add the social media widget to your blog, which helps your visitor to share your content. Furthermore, it also has a built-in analytics tool, so you also can see how your blog performs. 

Weebly provides a free plan, where you can get five custom pages, 500 MB of storage, ad spaces, and one subdomain. As you can see, these features are among the best you can find today for its free version. Therefore, it is not wrong if many people call Weebly the king of free blogging sites for personal usage.

4. Medium

Free Blogging Sites

Do you like writing? Do you want to share a story about your life? Medium is the best platform for that. It is a place where people gather and share written content. Yes, you can’t do other things than writing on Medium. However, this site has at least 60 million readers per month and keeps growing. So, if you are looking for the best place to expose your content, Medium is the answer. Many people use Medium to promote their blogs. So, try to write an article about the niche of your blog. Then, invite the reader to visit your blog. 

5. Blogger

As one of the oldest free blogging sites, Blogger can also be considered the best platform for creating a blog. You don’t own the hosting. Instead, you use Google as the hosting, which is much more stable than other blogging sites. 

The interface is easy-to-use. It doesn’t have a paid version, so you can use all features that you need once started. You also only need a Google account or Gmail account to use Blogger. It is one of the tools you can get from creating those accounts.

Bloggers also provide various themes and templates. In recent years, they add more and more new templates and themes you can use for free. And, many of the new templates have a much better design than before. It is more modern and professional, similar to other free blogging sites. There are also many Blogger theme providers where you can get a much better-designed template you can use on your Blogger blog. 

Blogger is the best choice for you who want to run a personal blog. It has many limitations compared to other services. If you plan to use your blog for professional use, like selling products or providing online service, you may have to choose the other service.

6. Tumblr

For you who love to share your art or photos, Tumblr is one of the best free blogging sites for you. You can write something on it. But, most users only use Tumblr to share an image, videos, and other multimedia content. It is much simpler than the publishing-type blogging sites.

The interface is very user-friendly. You operate it by using the buttons and icons that you can easily understand without reading any instructions. Moreover, Tumblr is also available as a mobile app. So, you can edit and post any blog content anywhere with your mobile device.

Best of all, you also can display ads on your Tumblr. That means you have a chance to make income through your content. You can’t use it to sell a product, but for promotion and marketing, Tumblr is the most fun platform you can use.

7. Joomla

Joomla is one of the free blogging sites that have similar functionality as WordPress. You can get the Joomla software for free. You can even use it to design your blog or website. However, to publish and make your blog accessible to people on the internet, you need hosting and a domain. So, you have to pay for that.

However, we think that Joomla is still one of the best free blogging platforms you can get. It has a flexible interface that is a perfect choice for a blog. Or, you can use the more advanced editor to create a website. It also has various templates and extensions to save more time on creating your blog or website.

The editor is simple. We can even call it an old-school editor. It has a similar design to Microsoft Word. You can choose and edit many elements there, from font size to color, and text. Therefore, if you use Microsoft Word a lot, you might consider Joomla as one of your best free blogging sites. 


Those are several things that you should know about free blogging sites. Many of them are available and easy to find. So, you won’t have any problem whenever you want to start a blog, either for personal usage or as a professional platform to make some money and market your product.

Choose the free blogging sites that you think fit your needs. You may have to learn how to do a little programming. And, that wouldn’t be a problem for you as there are many references you can find out there. So, start your blog now! 

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