30+ Best Free Templates for Blogger Responsive Seo Friendly

30+ Best Free Templates for Blogger Responsive Seo Friendly

Tired of the old blog templates? No need to worry. There are Free Templates for Bloggers that can be used as interesting recommendations. Besides being cool, the appearance of the template is also contemporary.

However, don’t be careless in choosing a responsive template for a blog. It can be unfriendly and slow when opened. If this is the case, visitors will be lazy to open it and move to another more responsive blog.

If you say this template business is draining your pocket, is there a free premium one? From the beginning, it was mentioned that there are free blog templates. What are the recommendations, and what is the most appropriate choice for various types of blogs? You can check this article.

Free Templates for Blogger Responsive Seo Friendly

Blogs can be considered a ‘home’ for some people who like the world of writing. When you can pour it into your blog and share it with your readers, there is a sense of satisfaction that cannot be expressed. In addition, blogs can add to a lucrative income.

To maximize the blog’s function, it needs to be supported by a good and attractive template. No need to linger anymore, so you are not curious. You can immediately check the free templates for interesting bloggers that can be used and directly download the template.

1. Ratio


The Ratio is a widely liked template because it is very responsive and up-to-date. The cool thing is, it looks minimalist; gen z really likes practical things like Ratio, especially for those who like to upload various photos in many activities.

The advantages are:

  • Switching between pages is easy without too long a lag.
  • There is a drop-down menu present at the top of this template type.
  • The type of font that is more attractive to readers by making it more comfortable for readers when starting a blog.
  • Minimalist style.
  • SEO SEO friendly making it easier for visitors when searching on search engines.

With a contemporary and minimalist style, Ratio is a template worth trying.

2. Silvia


Silvia is the choice if you want a look that is still beautiful when your blog is opened on a desktop or mobile site. Free Templates for Bloggers use Bootstrap with a framework that is very convenient when opened on various devices.

The advantages of this template are:

  • Multipurpose template, suitable for use in various types of blogs, both business and personal.
  • It has been optimized for Adsense, so if the blog already has ads, it can be more optimal.
  • SEO friendly so that it is easy to find by search engines.
  • Pilvia template can present portfolio optimally.
  • If you want to maximize your interests and abilities, it is suitable as an event to promote your expertise.

Silvia is included in a special option with custom widgets that can be adjusted according to the wishes of bloggers.

3. Typography


From the name alone, Free Templates for Blogger Typography are suitable for bloggers or users who like to write. Here are the advantages:

  • Minimalist appearance is appropriate if it is filled with various interesting writings to show the interests and talents of the owner.
  • Sometimes, bloggers or owners are hesitant to change the template for fear that readers don’t like the font. However, in this template, everything is undeniable; the font makes the reader comfortable, so they want to read to the end.
  • Long loading is a problem also with heavy templates but different with Typography because it is fast. So it doesn’t take long for visitors to be able to see the blog in its entirety and start reading the contents of the blog.
  • Elegant and minimalist appearance.
  • SEO friendly and has a cool thumbnail auto-resize feature.

The 2022 premium SEO-friendly SEO-friendly template is easy to find on search engines, so the number of visitors will be maximized.

4. NeoMag


Do you want to have a different blog like an online magazine? Then, NeoMag is the right choice of Free Templates for Bloggers. The advantages of this template include:

  • Display templates with cool featured image designs and attracts visitors to click.
  • Suitable for blogs that want to display like a magazine.
  • NeoMag template is also suitable for personal or business blogs with a clean layout.
  • The initial appearance is elegant and suitable for various niche blogs, making it comfortable for visitors.

Templates can be downloaded and used for free and, of course, save costs. For this reason, it is necessary to understand if you do not get service and miss updates.

5. Button


Some like the appearance of a blog consisting of two or three columns; it all depends on the blogger’s taste. If you want something practical and simple, choosing Free Templates for Bloggers with two columns is the right choice.

The Button is one of the recommended templates with advantages, including:

  • Has a drop-down menu feature so that the display is concise and there are complete social media icons at the top. Complete with the display of media icons, it is easier when you want to share articles wherever you want media.
  • There are two more practical columns, and the Button is interesting to use as a personal blog.
  • Suitable for blogs with certain niches, such as fashion, decoration, and DIY to parenting.

The most comfortable font has been chosen for visitors to feel at home reading articles on the blog. It’s just that SEO is not optimal, but it can still be used in various domains.

6. ViralNews

Sometimes you want to create a blog with the latest news shows. The form of news is indeed preferred by readers about the trending and viral news. For this reason, ViralNews provides Free Templates for Bloggers to choose from.

The advantages are:

  • The banner at the top is usually a form of the latest post and will make the brand or blog name more imprinted in the minds of readers.
  • There is also a menu in the niche news settings that will be displayed.
  • there is a special slide for hot news shows, making it easy for visitors to instantly find the news they want.

ViralNews is a template that was adopted by WordPress and finally made free.

7. Instant

Instant is a superior choice of free multipurpose blogger templates for bloggers who like to write about parenting, lifestyle, or business. Its advantages include:

  • Cool templates are modern and responsive in many ways.
  • The dominant color template is black and white, looks natural and proportional.
  • When opened via HP, the display has been beautifully designed to remain comfortable.
  • A mobile-friendly display like this will make the reader comfortable and feel at home when reading the article.
  • Slider in the form of 4 portrait photos with a neat symmetrical arrangement attracts attention. Readers who find a blog with this template are guaranteed to fall in love right away, so sweet.
  • If the blog already has ads, no need to worry; Instant has Ads ready.

Thus, a blog with a cool appearance can increase visitors and, at the same time, increase revenue from advertising.

8. StudioPress


As a freelancer, you need a place to display your work. Blogs are the first choice with templates that are suitable for showing creativity and promotion simultaneously.

StudioPress is a free template for bloggers with various advantages, namely:

  • Suitable for bloggers to maximize creative industry-based content.
  • When opened in all search engines, it is safe, and the speed is unquestionable.
  • When you need a promotion, you need something simple to look at and sell with a clean look.
  • Suitable for niche photographers and designers.
  • There is an easy theme color change feature.
  • Cool lazy loading animation.

With modern and cool advantages, blog templates are guaranteed to be more elegant and able to add more readers.

9. Sanai

If you want another version of the elegant look of your blog, you can choose the Free Templates for Blogger Sanai. There are prominent advantages in this template, including:

  • Multipurpose template so that any blog category is suitable for use.
  • Responsive and light when opened, so you don’t have to wait long.
  • Elegant appearance and easy to read.
  • Attractive font choices.
  • The image in the template is the right size.

The nuance of this template presents a different and elegant side. In addition, it is up to date with the subscribe box feature. A nice feature for readers who always want to know the latest blog updates for the latest cool bloggers.

10. Ubook


Ubook is a free template for bloggers, specifically those who like to write book reviews. However, it can also be for anything related to books. Some interesting features and advantages are different from other templates, namely:

  • Suitable for articles and writing about books.
  • Responsive and lightweight when opened on various devices.
  • Simple display.
  • The right font is easy to read and makes the reader feel at home.
  • There is a social sharing feature to share directly to your social media.
  • Ads are ready, and bloggers can generate income from their blogs.
  • Proportional arrangement.

With a complete appearance, book lovers will be happy and comfortable stopping by a blog with the right template.

11. Couture


DIY (do it yourself) is currently trending, and many readers are looking for the article. No wonder some blogs discuss DIY; couture is the right template choice. The full advantages of free templates for Couture bloggers are below.

  • Has a featured box with an attractive appearance.
  • Suitable for blogs with DIY creation themes.
  • There is a smooth scroll feature that makes the reader comfortable.
  • Templates have custom colors and attractive fonts tailored to the theme.
  • Responsive in many devices makes the reader comfortable reading it.
  • SEO optimized with premium free, which will make the blog easier to find in search engines.

The simple but sweet appearance and the above advantages will automatically be found in search engines faster. So, naturally, this will attract more visitors.

12. Base

There is an interesting option at Base for those who want to create a blog specifically for photography. The Indonesian free template presented is perfect for photography lovers. There are other advantages, namely:

  • Two-column design, simple but captivating visitors.
  • There is a slider at the top to make it easier for visitors to view blog posts.
  • Photos that are displayed appearance can be displayed optimally on the blog.
  • SEO friendly and lightweight can be opened quickly.

Although appropriate for the appearance of a photography theme blog, the template can also be used for other themes, both fashion, parenting, and lifestyle. No need to be afraid to present a template with articles that are packaged nicely in this template.

13. Reading

The name Reding does not immediately make these Free Templates for Bloggers special for book themes. However, the template can be used in a variety of other themes. The advantages of this responsive template include:

  • Monochrome display color looks exclusive and different from other templates.
  • Attractive layout and images.
  • Suitable for portfolio-type blogs, business to personal.
  • SEO friendly and easier to attract visitors to click.

A monochrome display is a right choice for those who like simple colors. Not too crowded and comfortable to see.

14. Rosemary – Fashion Blogger Template


There are no less elegant options for bloggers who want a luxurious template appearance, one of which is Rosemary. Rosemary is a free template for bloggers with various advantages that need to be known in detail, including:

  • There is an admin layout that can help in displaying the template.
  • Templates give the impression of luxury, elegance, and exclusiveness.
  • Suitable for beauty and fashion themes because the template design can display the best photos.
  • Full social media widget features.
  • There is an auto author image feature, making it easier to display photos when posting.

Photos that look maximal and sweet will spoil visitors. Visitors are more comfortable reading articles with additional aesthetic photos with optimal photos.

15. Fashion Gossip

Fashion Gossip

Fashion Gossip is special and suitable for bloggers who like to discuss OOTD (outfit of the day) artists. You can also get a cheap modern OOTD. However, if you are still confused about this cool template, you need to know its advantages, including:

  • Suitable for fashion themes.
  • Has a minimalist and classy design but is comfortable and pleasing to the eye.
  • Attractive features with featured slider.
  • The search field can be customized.
  • Easy to install and responsive.
  • SEO friendly.
  • There are social media features that are easier to share with readers.

Social media features do provide their own value. For example, share can be done easily and practically through these Free Templates for Bloggers.

16. SEO Rocket

SEO Rocket

SEO Rocket is the way to go if you want a fun and lively 2022 blog template. The SEO Rocket template is indeed unique and attracts readers. There are many advantages to this template, including:

  • Design for personal blogs, business, and magazines to the news.
  • Cool and contemporary look that is super modern.
  • There is an SEO Boost feature, so coding goes well.
  • Speed ​​when opening fast.
  • The template display will be optimal on various devices, be it a cellphone, PC, laptop, tablet, and so on.

SEO-friendly will make it easier for readers to search for posts on the blog. This convenience will get more blog visitors.

17. Conversion


The next free place for bloggers is Conversion. Not a random template, Conversion has many advantages that many bloggers overlook.

  • It is multipurpose, so it is suitable for many themes. Be it a business, personal blog, or something else.
  • professional and attractive appearance.
  • Nice display of featured posts and a slider at the top.
  • Carrying a neat design concept that is simple and sweet.
  • Choice of fonts so that readers are comfortable and easily read on various device screen sizes.
  • Ads ready means that bloggers can increase their income with more visitors who come to the blog.

In addition, the blog will be easy to open because it is SEO friendly on various devices. It looks like an aesthetic blog. Don’t forget the convenience feature for sharing on many social media.

18. FooddyBlog


Currently, blogs with the theme of food and culinary have more readers’ diaries. If you want to choose the right template, it’s FoodyBlog. The advantages of these Free Templates for Bloggers include:

  • Suitable for the theme of cuisine.
  • The display template is suitable for displaying photos of food or culinary so that it is pleasing to the eye.
  • Elegant design and easier sharing of recipes to social media.
  • There is an integrated share button with cool animations.
  • Simple and two-column template display.
  • SEO friendly and easy to find in search engines.

Qualified SEO optimization makes this template much sought after by food bloggers. Moreover, the template is 100% responsive on various devices.

19. StylishNews


At a glance, you can already guess what Free Templates for Bloggers are. This blog template is perfect for news or news blogs. It looks very attractive with various advantages, including:

  • There is a drop-down menu that makes navigation easier.
  • Equipped with a grid slider with the appearance of up to eight featured news.
  • There is a MultiAuthor feature.
  • There is smooth control that will make it easier for readers.
  • Very SEO friendly.

If you want to build a news-based blog, Free Templates for Blogger StylishNews are the right choice. After that, owners just need to focus on creating interesting content.

20. Edward-Stella

Edward-Stella has the kind of templates that are attractive and elegant. With its advantages, this template can attract many visitors. Its advantages include:

  • Suitable for free business blogs, especially wedding organizers.
  • Able to display the best photos to look cooler and lighter for visitors.
  • Can be used as a promotional event that is practical and simple with articles about business success.
  • SEO friendly and easy to find by search engines.
  • There are attractive layout options.
  • Choice of fonts, colors, and icons reinforces the theme of the desired theme category.

With this elegant design, it is sure to attract visitors. Ultimately, the business will stick out and attract more readers’ interest.

21. Creative


The themes in this blog template are creative, as the name suggests. Creativity gives an interesting impression to every appearance. With many powerful advantages, including:

  • Suitable for blogs with creative themes, such as DIY, crafts, photography to fashion.
  • Has two types of themes and a very attractive slider.
  • Responsive blogger with infinite scrolling.
  • some animations can spoil the eyes of visitors.

This display is indeed suitable for bloggers who display their creative activities. Therefore, not only attracts visitors but can be used as a cool and contemporary business blog.

Best Free Blogger Template Like Premium

22. Mediumish Blogger

Mediumish Blogger

23. Fitrah Press – Responsive Seo Simple

Fitrah Press

24. Foodup


25. Holiday – Travel Lifestyle


26. Miona


27. Webium

28. Backpack Travelers

Backpack Travelers

29. Asal Seo

30. Narrator



Creating a blog with a specific theme does require careful planning. However, all of that is not a problem if you can choose good and interesting Free Templates for Bloggers.

When choosing a template, there are several things to consider, namely:

1. SEO Friendly

SEO-friendly means that it can be easily searched on search engines so that many visitors can see and read the blog.

2. Professional

A professional look will show that the blogger or blogger is serious about working on the blog. In addition, when a blog is built for business, it will look professional working on it.

3. Cool and Attractive

The appearance of good Free Templates for Blogger templates will make visitors feel at home because they are not bored with the existing features.

4. Reach Many People

Responsive blogs will reach more people to visit them. For this reason, it is necessary to look for a mobile-friendly template so that it can be easily opened on many devices. Not only in Indonesia but all over the world.

5. Fast Loading

Lazy, of course, to open a slow blog when opened. For this reason, it is necessary to look for a lightweight template that is easy to open when clicked.In addition, choosing the appropriate theme will further beautify the blog. No need to panic and be confused anymore looking for cool and contemporary templates because there are Free Templates for Bloggers to choose from. Adjust to the theme and category of the blog.

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