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The 6 Best Google 2022 SEO Trends

The dynamic world of SEO creates a continuous change of trends and strategies. Accordingly, the Google algorithm has become much better at recognizing relevant and reliable content. Therefore, knowing the latest trends and changes in Google SEO will help you create more optimized content for your web.

6 Best Google 2022 SEO Trends

This short article covers the best Google 2022 SEO trends that you can adapt to your website.

1. User search intent

Google 2022 SEO

Creating a page according to user search intent is one of many SEO trends that will remain important in 2022. User search intent refers to knowing the purpose and reason why someone is looking for something on the Google search engine. Therefore, knowing the users’ search intent and how your website will appear in the search result is more important than ever.

2. Page speed

Google 2022 SEO

With the launch of Core Web Vitals, website ranking will also depend on how fast your website loads. With Google, Core Web Vitals will analyze how long it takes to load the biggest element of your website. Besides that, they will also analyze the number of moving elements when loading and how long it takes for your website elements to respond to a click.

3. Refreshment

The third Google 2022 SEO trend is refreshment. This trend focuses on content that was created and published two years ago or more. By refreshing the existing contents, they will be revived and brought back to the search result ranking. On top of that, you’ll also be able to maximize your initial investment in your existing content while also gaining more traffic and revenue.

4. Semantic search

Semantic search is a process of acquiring information by the search engine to give the most relevant search result. This is derived from a branch of linguistics that studies the relation of words and their meaning in context. To optimize your semantic search, try to write something to appeal to the users instead of the search engine. You can accomplish this by answering users’ questions or providing structured data.

5. Mobile friendly

Google 2022 SEO

The fact that around 52% of web traffic comes from a mobile device should be enough to convince you to make your website mobile-friendly. It is also worth noting that Google uses a mobile-first index. This means that Google considers your site’s mobile version when ranking your site in the search result. So, be sure to make your site responsive and mobile-friendly for Google SEO 2022.

6. Evergreen content

Now, knowing the most searched thing on Google 2022 is not important anymore. What matters the most is creating evergreen content, content that will be relevant for long. Minimally, you can start creating content that will remain relevant for 6 to 12 months after the publication. To create this kind of content, think of some interesting industry topics or commonly asked questions.

So, those are the top 6 Google 2022 SEO trends that you can adapt to your website. Understanding all of those trends is essential to get an idea of what kind of content users will need in the future. However, something that works today won’t always work next year. So, be sure to keep you up to date with future Google SEO trends.

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