Making Your Blog Noticed by the Google Search Engine

Making Your Blog Noticed by the Google Search Engine

Making sure that your blog shows up on the search engine is the quintessential step in blog SEO. If you’re an avid blogger, you must’ve been familiar with this before. However, if you’re new to blogging, there is a chance that you might be confused about what it takes to make your blog discoverable by the search engine. So, in this article, we have covered some Google search engine blog tips to assist your blog-developing journey.

How to get my blog on Google search

Getting your blog on Google Search is an easy task. The difficult part is making your blog appear on the first page of the search engine result page (SERP). It is worth noting that to get your blog on the search result, you have to make sure that it has been indexed and crawled. It is an automatic process in which the Google bot will find and index various web pages that it finds.

To get your blog indexed faster, you can submit your URL to the Google Search Console’s URL inspection feature. Then, you can check the result by typing “site: your blog URL” into the search engine.

How to improve Google search engine rank?

If your blog has been indexed by Google bots, it is now the question of how to make your blog appear on the first page of SERP. Luckily, there are several methods that you can do to improve your Google search engine blog ranking.

1. Specific keywords

Finding specific keywords for your blog content requires you to understand your audience. By doing this you’ll understand what type of keyword you need to implement in your blog article. Also, make sure to conduct thorough research on your keyword. For beginner bloggers, it is essential to choose the specific long-tail keyword to align your content with users’ search intent.

2. Visual elements

Images and videos are some of the most common visual elements that appear on Google Search. Therefore, it is essential to complement your keyword selection with the visual element. To do this, make sure to add original videos and photos to your blog content. In addition, you can also add descriptive alt text to each of your images and videos. 

3. Catchy title

The first thing that users see when scrolling through the Google SERP is the title. The title that you use heavily influences the potential reader on whether they’re going to click on it or not. To make a catchy title, you can ask questions, add data, or add any facts that will pique the reader’s curiosity.

4. Readers’ experience

Beginner bloggers’ common mistake is writing an article solely for the search engine algorithm. So, instead of doing that, make sure that you prioritize users’ experience. Improving article readability, adding visual elements, and adding subheadings are some of many things that you can do to improve visitors’ experience.

On top of that, make sure that your blog loads quickly to minimize visitors’ rebound. Once you do all of those steps, you’re guaranteed to be satisfied with the Google search engine blog ranking.

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