Guest Blogging: Definition, Purpose and Goals About Guest Blog

Guest Blogging: Definition, Purpose and Goals About Guest Blog

Guest blogging maybe is a familiar word among blog or website owners. Many internet users that don’t have a blog or website might have heard about this. However, only a few people know what this term is and how it works. So, if you are one of those people, this article will be your best reference to understand guest blogs or posts. Let’s start!

What is Guest Blogging?

First of all, you should understand what guest blogging is. It is as its name implies. It is a post from a guest. And, it works for you, as a blog owner or as a blog poster. If you have a blog, you can invite other people to create a blog post on your blog. On the other hand, many websites and blogs also provide a chance for other people to write a post and upload it there. You also can try it if you want.

The Purpose of Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging

Why do people post blog content on other people’s blogs? Or, why the blog owner accepts the blog post content from other people? This question often pops up in your mind. The truth is the guest blog post has its purpose for the blog owner and its poster. Let’s see what purpose are they from each side.

A. Blog Owner

There are many purposes, or maybe we ought to call it advantages, that a blog owner should allow a guest blog post. However, we can condense all those purposes into two things. The first thing that you can get, as a blog owner, is high-quality content.

You can write your blog content. However, if you don’t have proper writing skills or know everything about blogging, you might have a problem creating high-quality content. The solution to this problem is hiring a content writer. Of course, you will need to pay for their professional writing service to get the best blog content for your blog.

Some people may think that is too much expense for a blog. Therefore, you can use other methods to get high-quality content, by using guest blog posts. You give a chance to other people to write something on your blog. The “payment” is negotiable. In general, the blog post guest only asks for a backlink to their website or blog. Or, they also can use the post as a reference that talks about their blog or website.

As long as the topic they use on their guest post is relevant to yours, that wouldn’t be a problem. You can even enrich your blog content topic that way. Moreover, it is also the best way to build a backlink to increase the traffic, which is the second purpose of allowing a guest blog post writing.

Yes, the second and most important purpose of writing a guest blog is to increase your visitor traffic. It is all thanks to the backlink from the guest poster, plus the high-quality content you get. Those two methods will improve your blog visibility on the search engine result page. Thus, people will find your blog easier than before. That will increase the chance of them visiting your blog. 

B. Guest Poster

Why should you spend your time writing something on others’ blogs? You might ask this question in your mind. But, believe us, writing on other people’s blogs also has many benefits. Therefore, many blog owners also do this once in a while. If their blog is popular and big, they even have a team for guest blogging purposes. 

The best thing you can get from writing guest blog content is exposure. You can add the link that leads the reader to your blog. That will improve your chance to get more visitors. Of course, you should talk about this matter with the blog owner where you post your guest blog content. However, most of the time, they allow it because it also can help them build a backlink.

The thing you also get is the backlink. Posting blog content on another blog, especially a popular blog with a link to your blog inside the content, is one of the best marketing methods for your blog. The Google algorithm uses this link as the base to decide the website or blog position on search page results. So, with a better backlink like this, you will get a better position. It means more people will find and visit your blog.

The Goals of Guest Blogging

After you understand what guest blogging is and its purposes, the next thing you should do is decide the goal. You can already see the guest blogging goals you can set from the purpose section we have explained above. Yes, in general, people use guest blogging for achieving three goals, which are:

  • Create a strong position in the field where you run your blog as an authority and trusted name,
  • Get more traffic and exposure to your blog,
  • Build backlinks.

You can choose one of those three. However, we recommend you choose all three goals to ensure you get the maximum benefits from guest blogging activity. By creating a strong position, your blog will be able to survive for a long time. It also helps you to compete equally with another blog in the same niche. 

The traffic and exposure are obvious. You need them to get more opportunities. It is essential for you who run an online business on your blog. More people visiting the blog mean more transaction chances. However, if you only run a blog for fun or a hobby, you also get more benefits from it. More people means a higher conversion rate. 

Backlinks are also necessary. It helps people to find your blogs easily. Indeed, the Google algorithm doesn’t use the backlinks as much as in the past. They have changed it into a more objective and accurate calculation. Yet, backlinks are still one of the elements that affect blogs’ popularity. So, try to get this goal as well.

Find the Opportunity to Guest Blog

Once you know the goals you want to get from guest blogging, the next is finding the opportunity to post a guest blog. You must know here, that many websites or blog is available out there where the guest visitor can post blog content. However, to get the maximum benefits and goals, you should follow these steps:

  • Find a blog or website with the same niche or field as yours,
  • The audience of that blog or website must be interested in that niche,
  • It has an engaged relationship with the reader. You can see it from how the blog or website owner treats their reader, like how they reply to the comments and the reader also share it on their social media,
  • The blog owner should be active on social media. That helps your guest blog to get more exposure, which will affect the traffic to your blog.

In short, you should find a place that can emphasize all the positive elements of your blog. It would even be better if that place is much bigger than yours. That will help your blog to raise its popularity. Of course, you also should create high-quality blog content for that place, so they can choose to upload yours on their website.

How to Create the Best Guest Blog Post

Guest Blogging

Finding a good place where you can post guest blog content is not enough. You also should know how to craft high-quality blog post content. It is necessary to get a better chance for your content to be chosen by the blog owner. At this point, we believe that you already found the place where you post the guest blog. Below, we have several steps you can follow next:

1. Write a Post Suitable for the Blog Audience

The most important thing you should do is create a blog post-match their blog audience. Therefore, before you write something, you should do more research about that blog. Find more about their target audience, how the audience responds/comment on the blog and the blog post that get more views/read. That helps you to get the base for writing the blog post.

Once you get the base, write content that is useful for the audience. The target audience might be different than your blog, even though both blogs have a similar niche. For example, you love informal and casual writing on your blog. But, the blog for guest blogging uses more formal and technical terms. So, match it with that style.

2. Use the Similar Branding 

Every blog has certain types of branding. They use it to send the message to the audience, which becomes the style of their blog content writing. You have to do the same. Find more about how they approach their audience. Use a similar tone and style, which will grab the reader attention. After all, you write it to post on that blog, so it is normal to help that blog to get more audience. 

And, if you also put the link to your blog inside that content, more reader and audience will also help your blog grow its traffic. In short, create the best content with high value for the blog where you will post it. It will give your blog more benefits.

3. Create According to Their Blog Format

Please read the guideline provided by the blog owner before writing any content. In the guideline, you will find the writing format they want for their blog. What you need to do is follow that format or template. Do not skip any of them because you think it is not suitable for a blog post. Remember, you are not writing content for your blog. This content will be posted on another blog.

For example, some blogs may only allow content less than 1,000 words. Inside the content, there should be 5 internal links or keywords. Each paragraph should only have four lines at max when written in Word with Arial font style and 10 font size. You will find this kind of rule on the guest blog post guideline. Make sure you follow them to ensure your content matches the blog content style.

4. Create Actionable Post

Do not only follow the guideline blindly. You also need to create a blog post that let the reader take an action after reading it. The content also should leave a big impression on the reader’s mind. The information you have them stays much longer in their mind, which helps increase their loyalty to that blog.

It does seem that you help your competitor. However, it is also necessary for your post to get more attention. More readers also help your backlink in that content to get more visitors. And, that will help your blog get more visitors.

5. Do Not Sell Your Blog

The guest blog is a hidden marketing post. It means you can’t use it to promote something too excessively. The guest blog post must be useful, helpful, and easy to follow/understand. So, the reader that sees that blog post will feel attached to it. It creates a long-term relationship between the audience and the blog where you post that. 

However, we didn’t say you can’t promote your blog. You can do it but in the most subtle way. The best way to do that is to create a blog post with a very similar topic as your blog. And, if you are allowed to put a backlink to your blog, try to maximize it.

On the other hand, you also can add a profile section at the bottom of the blog post. Write detailed information about you, as the writer. You might also add other information about your blog, or other contact address. That helps the audience to find you, especially for the blog post that gives them the best impression and solution for their problem.


Now, you are ready to write a guest blog post. Or, you also can use our information to create a guideline for allowing other people to write blog posts on your blog. That’s everything that you need to know about guest blogging.

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