Is Medium Blog SEO Good for Writer or Publisher?

Is Medium Blog SEO Good for Writer or Publisher?

Is Medium Blog SEO Good for Writer or Publisher? Nowadays the function on the internet is very beneficial, such as for browsing, social media, watching movies, and many more. The development of science and technology has provided us with the ability to find all information through search engines.

So, if you have any information you want, you will get it easily. Most of the information is in the form of articles, blogs, newspapers, journals, and many more.

What is blog? What is a Blog?

Blog is a personal website or webpage that contains much information like an article that was created by the writer. So, you can share anything about your experience, article, knowledgeable post, and others into your blog. In addition, you must write the information carefully and use an SEO kind model to improve your script that emerges on the search engine result.

In the creation of a blog, you must register on the platform that provides blog creating. So many platforms to make a blog, for example, are and So, the platform name is WordPress and BlogSpot. Besides, Medium has become a platform for you to make a great blog.

So, What is Medium Blog SEO?

Medium Blog SEO

The first step in understanding SEO in Medium is to understand what SEO really is. SEO is search engine optimization. A large amount of content is uploaded to the Internet every day. When someone searches for something on Google, Google has to decide what to display. Which content best suits your searcher’s needs? 

 Obviously, writers want their content to reach the right eyeball. By understanding the rules of what Google is looking for, it’s easy to give Google what it wants. You effectively tell Google what your article is and who is interested in reading it. 

 Suppose you’re writing an article about cat toys and want someone looking for the best cat toys to find your article. SEO ensures that articles are ranked in front of and in the center of one page, rather than sinking into 50 pages of search results that no one is looking at.

Medium is an open online publishing platform founded in 2012 by Evan Williams. Unlike other popular content delivery platforms, Medium has no landing page, ad, or pop-up distractions. This self-proclaimed “Curious Network” is a place for people to find and share information, an ideal place to build a readership and increase brand awareness.

Is Medium Good for SEO?

Medium is easy to get started with. Just write! You don’t have to mess with domains or formats. You can open the draft and start typing without fuss. High domain privileges. Remember talking about domain authority? The DA of the media is 95/100. This allows you to stretch your legs without doing anything. 

 Pub = Page views even for beginners. Another factor that Google considers is page views. I want to know if there is good and popular content there. When you get a view of a medium article, Google ranks it high. Publishing in Medium means that even a complete beginner with 0 followers can get a partial view of the article.

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