5 A Fundamental Guide for Starters in Microblogging

5 A Fundamental Guide for Starters in Microblogging

The idea of so-called microblogging may not be too familiar to many people. So, it is crucial to understand it before attempting to do it optimally. The fundamental concept of it is the first thing to understand.

That way, it is possible to optimize the result of this activity. In general, it is one of the types of written content creation methods. Of course, it produces different types of content compared to the other ways. Without a thorough understanding of the activity, it is impossible to do it well.

A. Understanding the Basic Concept of Microblogs


Some of you may not know about this matter of content creation method. It aims to maximize the effect of the tailored material and minimize the number of words in it. In short, arranging words to post on Twitter to get a massive impact is an example of this so-called microblogging. So, it eliminates the idea that long content is a better option. It relies on the effectiveness of words in the content to encourage the audience to react to it immediately.

So, anyone who has no idea about this can browse posts on Twitter, Plurk, and Tumblr. Those platforms are the first to bring the concept of microblogging. Nevertheless, other social media platforms of today provide a specific section for it as well. For example, the menu What‘s on your mind on Facebook is a place to start doing it. In other words, it is more about the experience to get from the results of the post itself. There is short content that is not microblogs out there. The concept is the pivotal factor.

Up to the second quarter of 2021, there are 206 monetized worldwide active Twitter accounts. It indicates that those accounts are at their best in optimizing the concept of microblogging. Anyone who has a business account on social media platforms may have done this thing a few times. Some of them may not know about it just yet. An example of it is when a business posts an update about restocking items in its store. Many followers will most likely react to that post massively.

B. The Advantages of Incorporating Micro-posts

Without a doubt, this micro style of content is beneficial in many ways. Therefore, it is one of the aspects that business owners and influencers maximize when attracting and encouraging audiences. Nevertheless, it is crucial to thoroughly understand it to expect the highest potential of it. When the post is right, the effect will be outstanding. These are some of the most noticeable benefits when adopting this particular type of post for social media platforms.

It Takes Less Time to Prepare The Content

The most crucial advantage of microblogging is that it takes less time to prepare the content. Without a doubt, content creation takes time. Therefore, composing shorter content takes less time than arranging a longer post. So, it boosts the productivity level of the content creators. For some people, productivity boosts their morality in performing better. So, it affects several aspects at once. There is no need to spend a lot of time tailoring the perfect content anymore.

The Ease of Sharing Information and Updates

The next thing that comes as benefit of microblogging is the ease of sharing information and updates. Believe it or not, this concept is a mix of blogging and instant messaging. Therefore, it is straightforward to produce as much content as possible and share them instantly. There are no strict rules to follow when arranging the words for the content before publishing it. In many ways, it is less tiring to make. In the end, it is pretty simple to deliver new content for the audiences very often.

Scheduling one or more micro-posts is simple. Therefore, it is among the benefits of microblogging. Most of the social media platforms today provide the feature of scheduling posts. Therefore, it offers a chance to maximize the active account with that feature. They are giving that feature because most of them adopt the fundamental concept of microblogs. So, there is no need to use third-party apps to schedule numerous posts.

C. How to Starting with Microblogs


1. Choosing The platform

Anyone who wants to do microblogging for the first time may find it difficult. Nevertheless, it is a straightforward thing to do after understanding the fundamentals. So, how to do it for the first time? Choosing the platform to post the content is the first step. It is important to pick the appropriate platform because there are many of them. More importantly, they require specific ways to optimize the results. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are among the best choices out there.

2. The type of content to create

The second step is to think about the type of content to create. Even with this so-called microblogging style of content creation, there are different types of content to consider. Keep in mind that they provide different effects concerning the audiences at the other end. In general, a micro-post can inform, promote, or entertain audiences. Quotes, memes, status updates, videos, infographics, and links are the types to consider for starters. They offer different effects, indeed.

3. Automate the post

The third step is to automate the post. It is crucial to spend a lot of time tailoring the content, indeed. Therefore, the automation tool helps a lot to reduce the time when posting the posts. It is best to create multiple posts in different types or categories. Then, automate them to reach the audiences and see the effects. In short, microblogging and scheduling the posts create a perfect pair. It delivers a promising outcome for any purpose of composing the content itself.

4. Search Content from Others Blogs

Lastly, it is always best to search for content from others. There are many accounts on social media platforms out there that can be appropriate examples of this matter. Therefore, it is a top-notch idea to always spend a bit of time searching for them. The best way to do this is by searching for trending topics. There are many aspects to observe and get some insights concerning this particular thing. In the end, microblogging is an easy thing to do that promises top-notch effects in the end.

D. Simple Tips to have in Mind

1. Post Several Times a Day

Of course, there are many things to understand when doing so-called microblogging. All of those things will come in handy concerning the effects to expect from this particular activity. Without a doubt, there are fundamental tips about it as well as the more technical matters. They are as equally important as the others in maximizing the posts. So, it is necessary to consider those things when planning for some posts in this specific content creation concept.

So, it is best to start from the fundamental aspects first. A simple thing to do on microblogging is to post several times a day. It is necessary to do it that way to build followers or audiences. More importantly, it relates to the algorithm of the platforms as well. An account that posts often will always be visible to the followers. On the other hand, an account that rarely posts anything will not get too much exposure in terms of its posts later on. So, it is best to post often in this particular matter.

2. Link Several Posts

The second one of simple things to do when microblogging is to link several posts. It is a common thing that microbloggers do when delivering a specific matter to their audiences. For example, it is easy to find a chain of tweets from an account that talks about a specific topic. It is the best way to ensure that the audiences catch all of the things there. More importantly, it saves time as well in creating the content. It also prevents the audiences from leaving the platform and the account.

3. To Keep it Authentic

The next thing to have in mind concerning this topic is to keep it authentic. It is always important to post the real things for the audiences. They want nothing but the real stuff from the creator. Therefore, it is always better to arrange creative content with the fundamental base of the truth. There is nothing good to expect when telling lies to the audience. At this point, it is pivotal to put away the thought of creating hype with the posts. It is useless if the hype comes from lies.

4. optimize its result is to combine different points in the posts

The next stuff in microblogging to optimize its result is to combine different points in the posts. It has to be like that when sharing information with the audience. The posts need to contain personal experiences, specific information, and business matters. Those parts need to be even within the posts. That way, the audience will understand the point of the posts. More importantly, it creates a balance in the content so that it will not be business content or a story-telling matter.

5. Involve The Audience When Posting Something

Lastly, it is important to involve the audience when posting something. So, it is best to ask some questions through microblogging. That way, the audiences can interact with the content creators by answering the questions. It underlines the nature of this activity which is to communicate with the audiences or followers. So, it is important to respond to their answers to them the questions in the posts. It maintains the communication flow with them, which is necessary.

E. Storytelling Tips with Microblogs for the Best Result

Apart from those previous matters about microblogging, there are more tips to tailor top-notch storytelling with it. Of course, it works best with the use of Instagram as the platform for microblogs. It is that way because it emphasizes the incorporation of pictures to boost the storytelling activity. One thing to do at first is to switch the account to a Creator Account through the setting menu. It is the type that suits content creators to tell engaging stories in it.

1. Pick a Specific Voice for The Brand

The most fundamental element in storytelling with microblogs is to pick a specific voice for the brand. It means the account has to stay consistent in that voice when creating anything to post. For example, there are funny accounts and also sarcastic accounts out there. Both funny and sarcastic are indications of the voice of the brand. To attract an audience it is pivotal to be consistent in delivering anything according to the desired tone of the brand. It is the way people will remember the brand.

2. Combines Top-notch Photos and Descriptive Captions

Next, contextual content that combines top-notch photos and descriptive captions is necessary for microblogging on Instagram. It synchronizes the image and the writing at the highest level to deliver the desired message to the audience. Any photo on Instagram will remain that way unless there are context and caption that surround it. So, there is nothing good in posting only a photo on Instagram. It is not the appropriate way of storytelling through a top-notch platform like Instagram.

3. Product details

Product details are also crucial to include when microblogging on Instagram. A content creator who posts a review about something has to put the information about it. It includes where to get the item as well. It is necessary so that the audience can look for the right place to get the same item as the one on the post. Without it, the audience will find it frustrating to look for the item. In the end, there will not be any use of the posts when the audiences cannot do the same as the creator.

4. Hashtags

Hashtags are also crucial in attracting audiences to check on the microblogging posts. Keep in mind that there are more technical and specific aspects in incorporating the so-called hashtags. Nevertheless, it is one thing not to miss when tailoring a microblog post on Instagram. In short, hashtags provide audiences a chance to discover the post by searching for it. So, it is necessary to research the appropriate hashtags to use according to the brand or account itself.


There are many things to talk about when it comes to this activity. All of them provide a better chance to create thriving and engaging posts. Nevertheless, it is a process to go through from the beginning. It is not an instant set of steps that will deliver a significant result the microblogging in no time.

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