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4 Type Negative SEO Meaning and Tips to Prevent It

Have you ever clicked links that lead you to a different site than you expect? Or have you found websites that are copying and pasting your content? You can be the victim of negative SEO. Here, we will discuss negative SEO meaning and types of negative SEO.

What Negative SEO Is?

Negative SEO is also known as black hat SEO. It is an activity to decrease another site’s ranking in the search engines. The tricks of negative SEO are including content scraping, hacking the site, spammy, writing negative reviews, and many more. The main reason for using this trick is to knock out other websites or competitors from the first page on the search engines.

Types of Negative SEO

1. Content Scrapping

Negative SEO Meaning

Content Scrapping means duplicating your content and using it on other websites. This trick affects the performance of your website since Google Panda will detect this duplication. The worst part is that Google only picks one version to rank and it is the scrapped copy. If it is happening to you, the websites will decrease the rank of your site even if you are the owner of the content.

2. Write Fake Reviews

Negative SEO Meaning

Be careful of fake reviews from your competitors. It is so bad for the local search engine rankings and business. Most competitors choose this negative SEO method since reviews are easy to manipulate. They often give your product bad reviews and low ratings. The truth is that they don’t buy your products or services at all.

3. Link Farms

Negative SEO Meaning

As the explanation of negative SEO meaning above, it also means do link farms technique. It is when the doers send low-quality active links to your website. These links will also decrease your website rank in the search engine.

This black hat SEO technique is a bit hard to do since Google Penguin adjusts the new algorithm system. In this case, Google will give a penalty if the system spots backlinks that come from a link farm. The system sees that the link linked to your site is involved in the scheme.

4. Hacking the Site

Negative SEO Meaning

Extremely, the doers will hack your website. They may post low-quality or duplicate content to your website to decrease the quality of your website. You even can’t use the website anymore because they use malware to stop all the activities on your website.

Tips to Prevent Negative SEO

The way to prevent negative SEO varies depending on the type. You can use trusted and sophisticated tools to prevent scrappers. These tools help to analyze the duplicate of your content. If there is any, contact the website owner and ask them to remove the content. Use Google’s copyright infringement report if it doesn’t work.

Check the new reviews you get. Report the fake reviews to the developers or search engines. They will help you to solve this problem. Use webmaster tools to check the low-quality links on your website. It is effective enough to fight against link farms.

As a website owner, you should know what negative SEO meaning is. It helps to protect your website from black hat SEO techniques. As a result, you can keep the performance of your website and even improve it.

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