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Why Organic Search Is the Most Important Factor in SEO?

I’m sure all of you have heard about organic search is, but only a few understood it well. The SEO world is improving quickly during this time, and more important to follow the improvement if you want your site to be known and be at the top of search engines.

Definition of Organic Search

Organic search is the search results of search engines that can’t be influenced by paid advertising which is determined by how much the advertiser is willing to pay. Organic search results are ranked based on their relevance to the search term, determined by their operator. That’s why it can vary from one provider to the others.

The Site Ranking Factors

If you want your site to be on top of the ranking of search engines you decide, then there are some ranking factors you ought to know that can influence your site’s ranking.

  1. Internal link structure
  2. External link structure
  3. Backlink structure
  4. Technical factors like load times and length of the URLs
  5. Structure and quality of your content
  6. Enhancement by media like images and videos
  7. HTTPS-encryption
  8. Mobile optimization

Of course, if you want to optimize your site’s ranks in organic search, you have to learn more about On-page optimization and Off-page optimization. What are they?

On-page optimization involves adjustments that can be made to your site that might affect the content, navigation, internal link structure, or loading speed. Off-page optimization involves the optimization of elements outside the site, like targeted link building or activities surrounding the social media channels.

Does Organic Search Is the Focus of All Efforts in SEO?

To answer that question is definitely.  Organic search is becoming increasingly difficult due to the strong competition. Furthermore, what is the connection between organic search and marketing?

The organic search marketing goal is to improve your site’s ranks in search results through optimization. Whenever a user searches, the search engines will generate organic search results based on your site’s relevancy to that user’s search query. Meaning if someone is looking for women’s clothing, for example, if you use organic search marketing and optimize your site, then your site will appear on the search result in their search engine. Very cool, don’t you think so? Imagine your site being on the top ranks of certain search engines.

Three Tips for Organic Search Marketing

There are three factors that need your attention if you want to do organic search marketing.

1. You have to find the right keywords for the organic listing that you made.

You can find the best keywords if you do keyword research that allows you to generate a list of relevant keywords for each page on your site.

2. Step two is to do on-page optimization

This step will help you make your site rank better in search engine results, either by creating SEO-friendly URLs, optimizing meta descriptions and title tags, or improving page load time.

3. Create interesting and suitable content that will drive more relevant organic traffic for your business.

So that’s wrap up our discussion about what Organic Search is and some fun facts involved around it. Hopefully, it will make an impact and be useful so that you can improve your site. Happy learning!

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