35+ Best Premium Blogger Templates Responsive & Seo Friendly

35+ Best Premium Blogger Templates Responsive & Seo Friendly

For bloggers, having a Premium Blogger Templates that is cool and according to the theme is important. Then, when readers open the blog, they will be immediately impressed and feel at home after long reading the writings there.

However, some are confused about choosing the right and right template for their blog. Therefore, being a peer is not easy because choosing this template can be said to be easy but not easy.

There are many cool and cool choices with qualified quality. Especially seeing the advantages and disadvantages. What kind of template is that? Continue reading this article to the end.

Where to Buy Premium Blogger Templates?

The name alone is premium, of course, and requires a little spending for optimal results. It can be said that because Indonesia is not free. For bloggers, using a blogger template is easier, and its use is not complicated.

Premium means that the template used needs to be purchased first. Then, according to the price that has been set by the seller, this premium template needs to be adjusted to your needs.

However, many users are still confused about where to buy a template. No need to worry; below, there will be many choices of reliable Premium Blogger Templates. All are complete with various advantages that are very interesting and made by Indonesians.

Blanter Theme

Blanter Theme created by Rio Ilham Hadi. Many interesting choices from this work template. Users can choose according to their wishes, including:

1. Blanter Orbit Template

Blanter Orbit Template

Blanter Orbit is the best template with certain advantages, even though it’s simple. One of them is to sell products or write articles.

To note, this template was released on November 28, 2020. So the price is 70 thousand rupiahs, very affordable.

2. Asuka Masign Template

Asuka Masign Template

It is a simple template with no less attractive design for 80 thousand rupiahs.

3. Blanter Tokoshop

Blanter Tokoshop

The presented features are complete and most suitable for those who want to sell. By carrying out a simple concept, it is easier to shop online. With capital, the price of the template is only 170 thousand rupiahs.

4. Blanter Tokoside

Blanter Tokoside

This template is especially interesting because there is already a grocery check-out. Thus, it is suitable for those who want to create an online store. Moreover, the price is very affordable, namely 120 thousand rupiah.

5. Blanter Landing

Blanter Landing

The next template is priced at 100 thousand rupiahs for the landing page of the blogger platform.

Everything really depends on the needs of each. Just adjust and choose the most suitable Premium Blogger Templates.

Sugeng. id

For users who are in the world of Indonesian bloggers, the name sugeng.id is indeed familiar. Usually called Mas Sugeng, he provides many choices of homemade templates.

For details, see the options below.

6. Kutoko


The first choice is the Kutoko template which is specifically for bloggers selling online. There are interesting features, marketplace buttons, generator tools and various other interesting features.

The price tag is 194 thousand rupiahs. Very safe price to choose from.

7. Vio Shop

Vio Shop

The appearance of this template is no less interesting, and from the name, it can be seen as an online store. If you want it only for 195 thousand rupiahs.

8. Evo Magz

Evo Magz

This template, priced at 220 thousand rupiahs, has many fans. The features are complete and attractive, and timeless.

9. LinkMagz


One of the newest templates from Mas Sugeng with a cool look. The features offered are complete, including automatic TOC, night mode and other easy features for a blogger.

The price is only 225 thousand rupiahs. Still very affordable with this complete and cool feature.

10. Viomagz


Popular Premium Blogger Templates are also priced at 220 thousand rupiahs. With a safe price in the pocket, bloggers are spoiled with complete and up-to-date features.

XML Themes

If you want a template that is different from the others and seems unique, there are XML Themes. This template is not for free blogs. But, of course, it has many complete features and cool options. Good for personal blogs or media portal sites.

If you want to know more details, you can check below.

11. Doctor Seo

The concept chosen is unique and unusual. However, the price is also still affordable, only 393 thousand rupiahs.

12. Detik Web

Detik Web

Want to create a site with a classy online media portal, just choose the Detik Web template. Its features and design are suitable for online media that are now mushrooming.

The price is also very pocket-friendly, which is 393 thousand rupiahs like Doctor Seo.

13. Kompasweb


If you want a contemporary shape with a bit of elegance, choosing the Kompasweb template is highly recommended.

This cool media site is perfect for filling various news niches. But, unfortunately, the price offered is the same as before, which is 393 thousand rupiahs.

14. Channel ID

Channel ID

There is no doubt that this template has powerful advantages. There are trending features and highlights that will spoil the readers. The price is 493 thousand rupiahs with a look as cool as that.


There is still a choice of Premium Blogger Templates that have high creativity. One of them is Goomsite. Various options can be found there, including:

15. GNews


GNews is made for blogs that want to thoroughly explore various types of news. The price offered is very affordable, which is only 100 thousand rupiahs. This template was released in October last year; it’s still pretty new.

16. Aulian v2.0


The advantage of this template is that it has a clean appearance, and the price is the same as GNews, which is 100 thousand rupiahs.

17. Seo site

Seo site

If you want a template with a fun and comfortable appearance, Seosite is the choice. But, unfortunately, the price is the same as the others, which is only 100 thousand rupiahs.

18. The Rental

The Rental

Anyone who wants to open a car rental? The Rental is the most suitable choice because it is specifically for the online vehicle rental business. The price is the same, namely 100 thousand rupiahs.

Indie Themes

If you want other models and designs, you can stop by the template made by Frangki. Templates have many choices that are no less cool. But, of course, at a very affordable price.

The choice of templates, among others, is as below.

19. Viralisme


It’s perfect if you want a viral blog with more visitors. Moreover, the price is only 110 thousand rupiahs. This template was first released in 2016 and is constantly updating.

20. Noname


The Noname choice is the right choice if you want a blog with an elegant and luxurious look. This template is special with the same price as Viralism, which is 110 thousand rupiahs.


The next cool Premium Blogger Templates design is IDNTheme. This template was created by Arlina Design with a choice of attractive appearance and features.

There are free and pro versions with paid. The full details can be seen below to be an option if you are looking for a contemporary template, namely:

21. Vikka Pro

Vikka Pro

Super interesting, this template is modern and cool for gen z bloggers.

22. Mini-Site


If you want to have a blog that looks cute and cute, you can choose Mini-Site. The price is only 70 thousand rupiahs.

23. In SEO Pro

In SEO Pro

IN SEO Pro can be your target if you want an attractive, SEO-friendly template. The appearance is unquestionable.

There are still many choices of templates that can be recommended.

Maha Templates

Maha Template has a choice of various templates that are no less interesting. Want any type and model of the complete design.

The variations shown include:

24. Goizen


The appearance of the Goizen template is super minimalist, so many users like it. It looks sweet, clean and contemporary with a unique impression.

25. New Line Today

New Line Today

For users who want a news site or news template, this template is suitable to be chosen. It looks like Line Today and is simple with an attractive style.

26. Igniel


Among bloggers, Igniel’s name is no stranger. The contents of the blog are full of articles that are suitable for knowledge suitable for bloggers.

One of his Premium Blogger Templates is the Igniplex Template. An adventurous blogger who creates quality templates.

Dominated by green, it makes the blog look cooler and attracts many visitors. The features offered can be said to be luxurious and elegant.

Surely a cool look like this makes blog visitors feel at home for a long there. Moreover, the price offered is very affordable, namely the selling price of only 230 thousand rupiahs.

Please note that Igniel also makes free templates, namely Textrim and Fiksioner. The quality is unquestionable, with a display that is no less attractive.

El Creative Themes

This attractive Premium Blogger Templates was created by Yasya El-Hakim. Then put together in El Creative Themes with, of course, a variety of cool and attractive templates.

Below are some choices of El Creative Themes templates, including:

27. Google Play v2

Google Play v2

Almost similar to the Google Play Store and specifically for bloggers who like applications.

This simple but cool look is the right choice at a price of only 300 thousand rupiahs.

28. Material X2 Premium

Material X2 Premium

The next choice is Materia X2 Premium which is no less interesting. Again, the impression is comfortable and unique, making blog visitors feel at home.

The price is only 350 thousand rupiahs.

Not only 2 choices but many other template options can be seen. Everything can be adjusted to the needs and funds owned.

Jago Desain

Attractive and contemporary templates can also be found at Jago Design. In addition, Jago Design creates lots of slick and cool templates for bloggers.

This template is made by Muhammad Maki. In addition, two templates have been created and can be purchased for bloggers.

29. Fletro Pro

Fletro Pro

The appearance of this template is special and different from other templates. However, everything is cool and has been updated to version v5.5.

With a cool look, it’s no wonder many choose this template for the appearance of their blog. However, the price is still affordable, namely 120 thousand rupiahs.

30. Median UI

Median UI

The number of columns is sometimes an option for bloggers. For example, if you want a template with three columns, this is the choice.

In addition, blogs that are suitable for this type are news or types of news. Thus it looks more comfortable and makes website visitors feel at home. Moreover, the price of a Premium Blogger Templates is only 130 thousand rupiahs.

Kompi Ajaib

There is still one more option to buy premium templates at Kompi Magic. The maker is Adhy Suryadi, with the best choices in each design.

31. Minimalist Company

This template is famous for its minimalist design with interesting features.

32. Flexible Company

Flexible Company

The latest version to date has reached 8.50. Versions are updated continuously, and the design is unquestionable.

33. Just Text

Just Text

The display is designed simply so that it will be light when opened. Light loading like this makes bloggers more comfortable and fast when using. In addition, when opened on various types of devices.

The price that is carried is cheap, which is only 150 thousand.

34. Landing Page Afiliasi

Landing Page Afiliasi

This template is suitable for those who want to create an online store. The features are unique and very cool.

Templates with attractive, cool and contemporary to elegant choices just need to be adjusted to your needs. Premium quality with affordable pocket prices will make it easier for bloggers to choose which one is the most interesting and suitable.

Why Choose Premium Templates?

This question is often asked by novice bloggers who want everything free in 2022. Indeed, free templates can be chosen because the appearance is also attractive.

For more details, free templates have a few things that need to be understood. Free templates, of course, do not require funds when using them.

You can directly download other things that are not in the premium version for free. Usually, free templates have special characteristics as below, namely:

  • Easy to find on the internet by searching randomly. On the internet, which is completely free, many people want it; they just need to search on search engines easily.
  • Many use it so that many users are scattered. Thus, do not be surprised if you find a twin with the same template.
  • There is a credit link for the creator of the template.
  • The features shown in the template are standard, so only for the specific needs of very general bloggers.
  • Easily infiltrated by viruses.

Meanwhile, why are more users choosing Premium Blogger Templates? Of course, because of the many advantages and disadvantages. This advantage can be seen in the quality of the template.

For more details, there are many advantages of premium-type templates. This premium is the opposite of the free version, which can be easily downloaded over the internet.

To answer, why choose a Premium Blogger Templates because it has many advantages. For more details, you can check the advantages below.

1. Look Different

Having a premium one means using a special template. Not everyone can easily use it to display their blog. The template used must be purchased first.

Thus, those who have templates only buy money. However, is there a cheap one? Sometimes there is if there is a certain promo. However, it is not easy to find on the internet and does not have the same appearance.

By spending a certain amount of money on this premium version of the blogger template, it’s obvious to be different. In addition, a different display will provide another enlightenment for visitors who stop by.

Of course, with a fresher look, different from the usual and not just standard. The more optimal the template used will create more visitors.

2. Has Various Special Features

Templates that have been traded are not arbitrary because they are made by experts. Thus the features created are also not can. This feature supports the optimization of the blog to make it better and more interesting.

The premium version of the template generally has a lot of things that bloggers really need. Especially for SEO optimization needed in search engines. For example:

Easy to find in search engines.

User friendly and can be displayed conveniently when opened. Whether it’s through a cellphone or laptop, or PC. Thus users are comfortable just opening from various devices.

An elegant and attractive appearance will make users and readers feel at home long after opening the blog.

Easy to customize and related to CTR ads and more.

3. Get Direct Support

Another advantage of using a Premium Blogger Templates is getting direct support from the template maker. Thus, if something unexpected happens, you can check with the maker.

In addition, when users are unfamiliar with the template they purchased, they can ask for help directly. For example, if you have difficulty installing a new template for a blog, you can directly ask the creator.

Things like this are certainly very comfortable for the user. Not just buying and releasing it, but you can ask questions and get help directly from the seller or the template maker.

4. Can Update Templates

In addition, to support from template makers, users who choose Premium Blogger Templates will get the latest updates. Thus, there is no need to worry when the template has the latest update. It will automatically be updated.

You can perform restores and repairs from the template if something happens, usually for free. Updates like this make it easier for bloggers and more comfortable with the chosen template.

5. Whole Code

The complete code will be obtained by users of the Premium Blogger Templates’s premium version. However, when you buy the premium version, it is not encoded by the maker with the customization you want.

If you buy a non-premium, no changes can be made, let alone delete the credit.

This makes it easier for bloggers to make changes as needed. However, don’t forget to also maximize the blog you have so that it really fits the user’s wishes.

6. Virus Free

Choosing a premium template will further secure the blog from rampant viruses. In contrast to free templates, the possibility of viruses is easier to enter.

The premium version will keep the blog away from disturbing viruses. For example, advertisements that are not installed interfere with blog visitors.

In addition to securing users, it is not easy for viruses to enter and will provide security for the blog.

7. Responsive

The name is just a Premium Blogger Templates. Therefore the template will be very responsive in many ways. Whether it is opened on various devices or related to search engines.

In general, premium templates have a good responsiveness level, so users don’t have to worry anymore. In addition, this display will clearly make users and visitors comfortable.

8. SEO Optimization

In point 2, it has been mentioned that there are advantages to SEO optimization. For example, for bloggers who choose a premium template, it will be easier to maximize the blog.

SEO has been optimized from the selected template, so users just need to concentrate on the content created. Thus the quality of the articles is good, and the visitor clicks more.


Premium templates can be chosen for the best blog display that is attractive and cool. By using the premium version, the convenience and benefits are many.

No need to be confused about where to buy because there are sellers with qualified quality and affordable prices. Live which one you want to choose and adjust to your needs.

Don’t forget to choose a Premium Blogger Templates that matches the blog’s theme. This choice will make the blog’s appearance fresher and more attractive, and more visitors will come.

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