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SEO in Digital Marketing and Its Implementation Examples

Search Engine Optimization is a strategy to get a high ranking on the search engine result page (SERP) for specific targeted keywords. SEO is very important for the livelihood of a website as its function is to increase a website’s organic traffic. For this reason, SEO has been adapted by various sectors of internet industries, including digital marketing. So, in this article, we will look at the importance of SEO and some SEO in digital marketing examples.

Why is SEO important in digital marketing?

In digital marketing, SEO is technically used as a marketing tool instead of the marketing itself. As previously mentioned, the sole goal of SEO is to get a higher ranking on the SERP. By appearing at the top of the search result, those who are involved in the digital market can increase the marketing scope. On top of that, it can increase the reach of a particular brand by attracting new potential users.

If you’re new to digital marketing, SEO can increase the users’ awareness of your brand. In other words, SEO is important in digital marketing because it optimizes a web page and makes it more engaging for new users. 

Examples of SEO in digital marketing

There are tons of examples that show how implementing SEO can increase a website’s traffic exponentially. Some of these SEO implementations may include different SEO methods, such as UI revamping, CTA implementations, and many more.

1. Kids Klub Pediatric Dentistry

The first SEO digital marketing example comes from a US-based children’s dentistry company called Kids Klub Pediatric Dentistry. This company faced daunting challenges to increase the website’s visibility for a local search engine. Therefore, they optimize their website by adding several on-page SEO elements, such as titles, headings, content, etc. 

As a result, they saw an increase in SERP ranking by 84 results. On top of that, they were also able to increase the website’s organic traffic by 17%.

2. The American Egg Board

The American Egg Board is an organization that connects different egg farmers across the US to the right customers. Their challenges were increasing the website’s organic traffic and encouraging egg consumption. Their solution involved revamping the website by making it more visually appealing, adding keywords based on users’ search intent, and improving the website’s overall UX.

The results can be seen from their 87% increase in mobile traffic, 22% increase in website traffic, and 39% user increase in their recipe sharing feature.

3. Belden Brick

Due to its product catalog size, Belden Brick company sought to simplify its website so that it worked better for clients and attracted more users. One of the SEO implementations that they’ve done was restructuring their entire website to make it look more professional.

They also implemented HTML and CSS codes and implemented well-formatted content. Within 12 months, this brick manufacturing company increased its website’s visitors by 85%. So, those are some of the SEO digital marketing examples that you can adapt to your website.

Always remember that SEO is an essential element in digital marketing. So, don’t forget to implement SEO strategies to ease your journey in digital marketing.

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