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How to Increase Traffic SEO Video on YouTube

There are some ways that you can optimize your SEO video on youtube. Some people upload videos to YouTube, but they don’t earn many likes or subscribers. You must first understand the technique to avoid a poor ranking. Here are some tricks that you can do to attract your visitors to come and watch your video on Youtube.

Tricks How to Increase Traffic SEO Video on YouTube

SEO Video on YouTube

1. Create Target Keyword for Video

You recommend using one of some SEO tools to help you pick keywords you’d like for your video. The keyword should be able to describe and attract your visitors to click the video. You should include a keyword in your video file before uploading it to YouTube once you’ve settled on a target term. Why do you need to include a title when you post the video on YouTube? YouTube can’t “see” your video and detect how relevant it is to your target term. You can find a place to insert the keyword on your video’s watching page once it’s uploaded.

2. Incorporate Your Keyword with Your Video Title

The most important thing that people will see from the video that has been uploaded is the title of the video. Because the title is frequently what determines whether or not a person will click to watch your video, it must be both enticing and clear, and succinct. Choosing the right video title will work more for increasing your SEO video on youtube.

Your keyword will play an important role in the title of your video, and it also helps if it closely fits what the visitor is looking for. According to the research, videos with an exact keyword match in the title have a marginal advantage over those without.

3. Choose Right Keyword Related to the Topic of Video

You can acknowledge your audience by using tags. By adding tags, you can alert your audience, and at the same time, you alert Youtube too. The software is used to make the content clear and show the context of your video.

As a result, YouTube will be able to correlate your video with similar videos, potentially expanding the exposure of your work. You need to choose your tags carefully. You better use irrelevant tags only if you think it will give you more views. Using too many irrelevant tags will make Google punish you. Similarly, to your description, start with the most significant keywords, which should have a healthy mix of common, and long-tail keywords.

Add Video Description First and foremost: The official character restriction for YouTube videos limitation is 1,000 characters, according to Google. While it’s fine to fill up all of that space, keep in mind that your audience is most likely here to watch a video, not read an essay.

If you do decide to write a longer description, keep in mind that YouTube only shows the top two or three lines of text (about 100 characters). When your users want to see the whole description, your users can click “See More”. Some experts recommend starting the description with the most reliable and relevant information, such as CTAs or essential links. Now, you can optimize your SEO video on Youtube.

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