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6 Tips SEO Updating Old Content to be More SEO-Friendly

SEO updating old content is easy to do. Updating old content is part of on-page SEO optimization. By updating old articles, it is hoped that you can still attract visitors and make money from it. It is also hoped that the old content can still compete with other articles. Below are some tips that you can try to update your old articles to be more SEO-friendly.

Tips SEO Updating Old Content

SEO Updating Old Content

1. Update the Title

The first thing you can do to update old content to be more SEO-friendly is by updating the title. Try to make an interesting title, such as adding a number. Here is an example: 5 simple ways to take care of dry skin with natural ingredients. Try to have keyword research to find the right title for your article. Choose the one that is most looked for according to the topic you discuss in your content. This way, your content will have a bigger opportunity to land on search engines’ first page.

2. Check Broken Links

The next tip for SEO updating old content is checking broken links. As you know, you are suggested to create outbound links to strengthen your content based on references. Outbound links are also helpful to make your content looks valid. However, they can expire so that it is important for you to check if there are any broken outbound links on your blog. Make sure all links on your blog are still valid and refer to reputable references.

3. Complete Your Content

Enrich the content of your old article by adding several paragraphs and pictures. Long-tail articles are easier to rank on the first page of search engines compared to short-tail articles. Both search engines and visitors prefer informative and complete content. Moreover, adding elements like images and videos can trigger readers to read more articles you write. Humans’ brains easily understand explanations with pictures.

4. Change the Publish Date

If your blog’s permalink does not have months and dates, you can change the publish date when you published the article. But if your permalink contains months and dates, do not change it because it will cause the 404 page not found error. Therefore, it is better not to display the date when you published your content.

5. Share to Social Media

Once you have updated your old content, do not forget to share it to your social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. This is intended to attract more readers and visitors to your blog. If your old content is read by a lot of readers, it has higher chances to rank on the first page of search engines. This step is part of promotion.

6. Change the Images

Last but not least is changing images. The images on your old content might look old-fashioned and less interesting over time. So, you can try to change those images with modern ones. You can look for better images on Google or photo-sharing platforms like Pinterest. Those are some tips you can try to SEO updating old content to make it more SEO-friendly.

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