The Useful Guidance for Higher Rank of Travel Blog SEO

The Useful Guidance for Higher Rank of Travel Blog SEO

It is important to understand travel blog SEO. If you are a travel blogger, there are some ways to promote your work. You can build a massive social media presence, and you need to focus on SEO for a travel blogger. Before you start your work, you need to understand first about SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization.

When you post about travel content with better SEO, you get a better rank in Google Search or Bing Search. You can get more clicks for people who want to know about your experience in traveling. There are some ways to do this when you like to get a higher ranking on the search engine page. You can follow some tips below and see the result.

The Useful Guidance for Higher Rank of Travel Blog SEO

Travel Blog SEO

1. Install Google Analytics

The first step to increase your travel blog SEO rank in Google Search is by installing Google Analytics. Google Analytics is free to use, and you only need 5 minutes to install this. When you have already done this step, you can start to track your visit. You can use the “Audience” overview, and you can find how many visitors that come and click your page. You can also analyze the most popular travel blogs or posts for your visitor, so you can write more travel stories for your visitors.

2. Install Yoast SEO

The second step to do is installing YOAST SEO. You can find this tool on WordPress. It is a valuable tool to push your rank in the Google search. You can find a form below on your post and you can improve your post easily such as by adding meta-description, more interesting keywords, adding images, adding internal links, adding external pages, and more. As a travel blogger, you need to post about viral tourism places today, and you can attract your visitor more. You can learn about how to add images to your post. It helps your visitor to understand more about your story because they see the image too.

3. Write with Interesting Keyword

To get a higher ranking in the Google search, it is important to know the best keyword to use at that time. You need to be careful in choosing the right keyword for your articles. It helps you avoid getting buried on the Google search engine page result. There are millions of bloggers who write about travel activities, and experiences every day. You need to work hard and make yourself stand out. 

When you understand the basic SEO then you will be able to create the best blog post every day. You can play with the keyword in your blog post. It is essential to find different variations of the keyword. For example, you can use “Unique places to visit in Indonesia” or “Visiting Indonesia with Low Budget” and other keywords. The goal is trying to be on the first page of Google.

The last step to do when you like to be in the top position is by publishing more travel blog posts or content. The more content that you produce, the more visitors you will get too. Google will always look at your website. It is time for you to increase your travel blog SEO rank on Google search and other search engines.

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