Updating Old Content SEO: Tips How to Do It the Right Way

Updating Old Content SEO: Tips How to Do It the Right Way

You don’t always have to write new content for your website. Sometimes, updating old content SEO can be the best option to improve your website’s performance on the search engine. Studies have shown that refreshing old content positively affects a website’s performance.

It saves time, and also easier compared to creating new content. But before you start updating your website, make sure you know how to update old content in the right way.

Tips How to Update Old Content With SEO

1. Analyse Which Contents to Optimise

First of all, check your Google analytics to find potential posts to update. Remember, not every post can be refreshed so it is important to analyse the performance of your contents first.

Basically, there are two types of content that can be updated. The first one is content that used to be popular. This content was visited a lot of time, shared by a lot of people, and resulted in high search rank. Your job is to update the content so that it can regain its former glory. 

The second one is a post that has high traffic but results in low conversions. You can tweak the content and its SEO strategy, probably show a clearer call-to-action so that it can get higher conversions. 

2. Research New Keywords and Search Intent

Keyword research is an essential part of SEO strategy. It is not something that you can do only once. You have to regularly research and analyse new keywords because trends change very rapidly. What people search two months ago might be different from what they search right now. 

This is the importance of updating website content. If you don’t research new keywords and search intent, your posts will be outdated and go down very low on the search rank. If this happens, nobody can find your amazing contents on the search engine.

3. Refresh the Content

After analysing potential contents and researching new keywords, it is time for updating old content SEO. First of all, you have to update the old keywords with the new ones. After that, do another research about what’s trending in society right now, as well as new data and statistics about the post. Make sure to put them on the refreshed articles. 

Don’t forget to check the grammar and punctuations, fix them while you are at it. Refreshing the content also means updating the links. Delete the broken links that you find, and update the internal links with the latest contents on your website.

4. Update the Date

Last but not least, don’t forget to update the post date. People will be more likely to click on a post with a newer date because they assume it is more up to date and relevant with the current trend. This is a simple action that can lead to great results.

Removing old content is also an important part of updating your website. If you see a post that doesn’t do your business any good, don’t hesitate to hit the delete button. You can always write a new one or refresh the old ones. Try updating old content SEO for a better performance on the search engine. 

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