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What is Web Crawling and How is it Related to SEO?

When you look for a topic on Google or any search engines, you will be immediately recommended with different relevant articles. So, you might wonder, how did the search engines do that? How could they find the exact content that you searched for? In this article, we will take a look into what is web crawling SEO meaning and how it is related to search engine optimization.

What is web crawling? Meaning…

What is Web Crawling

Web crawling is a technical term that represents the process of automatically accessing websites and obtaining data through certain software. This activity is done by a web crawler, which is a bot that searches and indexes content on the World Wide Web. A web crawler is responsible for understanding the content on web pages so that they can display them as search results on the search engines.

So, who’s running these web crawlers? Different search engines use their algorithm to collect data from different websites. These pages will be generated as a list of web pages that appear anytime you search for a certain topic. In addition to that, these robots will categorize the discovered web pages for future indexing.

By now, you should have understood what crawling SEO meaning is. If you’re still confused, we will take a look into the web crawling relationship with SEO.

What is web crawling in SEO?

SEO (search engine optimization) is a marketing strategy used to optimize a website so it would appear on the top of the search result. If your web page’ SEO has been optimized, the crawler will easily find your web. However, for a web page to rank high on the search result, it needs to be indexed with the web crawler bot first.

Without a crawler, a web page will remain in the dark, undiscoverable by the search engine. This is because crawling is the first way for the search engine to be aware of a website’s existence on the World Wide Web. To put it simply, a web page must be crawled at least once to appear on the search engine. So, before you apply any SEO strategy, make sure that your website has been crawled by the search engine.

How to improve your web’s SEO?

There are several things that you can do to be favored by the search engine. First, you have to implement some keywords into your written content. These keywords should be specifically related to the topic that people search on the search engine.

Second, you have to integrate internal links to your content page. These links will help the search engine algorithm relate your one content from another on your website. The more internal links you implement, the easier it is for the web crawler to index your website. Lastly, you can also use several tools to optimize your SEO, such as Google Search Console or Google Analytics.

So, those are a brief explanation of web crawling SEO meaning. Always remember that you should appeal to the web crawler first before you apply any SEO strategies. Once your website has been crawled, you can strategize on the website’s SEO.

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