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What’s the Meaning of SEO in YouTube?

Like Google or any other search engine, competing to be on top of YouTube search results requires a lot of techniques. One of those techniques is by utilizing YouTube SEO. So, what’s the meaning of SEO in YouTube? Like website or blog SEO, YouTube SEO functions similarly. It is used to attract new viewers by displaying your video at the top of the YouTube search result. Here’s the full breakdown of YouTube SEO.

What is SEO in YouTube?

YouTube is a search engine just like Google. Therefore, anything in its database can be found by typing a specific keyword on the search engine. To make your video stand out among other videos on the site, you have to utilize YouTube SEO. Like website SEO, YouTube SEO is a process to optimize your video for the search engine. This optimization can be done by giving keywords, tags, and other related elements to your videos.

Why YouTube SEO is important?

Like websites and blogs, YouTube is widely used as a promotion media, branding, and advertising. The higher the traffic and views on your video, the more frequent ads will appear on it. As a result, the number of ads that appear on your videos will be converted into earnings that can be picked up at a certain period. For this reason, the role of YouTube SEO is more important than ever.

How to do YouTube SEO?

After you understand the meaning of SEO on YouTube, you may wonder, how can I optimize my YouTube SEO? Luckily, there are several steps that you can try to improve your YouTube SEO.

1. Researching keyword

Meaning of SEO in YouTube

Keyword research is the most important step of YouTube SEO. When researching a keyword, make sure that you find one that matches your niche. For instance, if your video is about video games, you can research related keywords about game recommendations and tips. 

2. Improving video quality

Meaning of SEO in YouTube

The ultimate goal of YouTube SEO is to get people to click and watch your videos. Therefore, improving the video quality is the next step that you have to consider. This can be done by improving your editing quality, ensuring video originality, and creating an exciting thumbnail.

3. Optimizing the metadata

Meaning of SEO in YouTube

Besides video, metadata is another element of YouTube SEO that you need to improve. Metadata is the supporting elements of your video, such as caption, description, tags, etc. You can optimize your metadata by incorporating keywords into the video title and tags. On top of that, make sure to add the relevant hashtags and video descriptions.

4. Promoting the video

As a YouTube content creator, it is your responsibility to promote your creation on any possible platform. The easiest and most inexpensive way to promote your video is to share it on your social media. Once you’ve gained a relatively huge fan base, don’t forget to interact with your community in the videos comment sections, and online forums. 

So, that’s the meaning of SEO in YouTube. Always remember that optimizing your YouTube video’s SEO is as important as creating interesting content. So, be sure to use all of those steps when uploading new content on your YouTube channel.

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